New diagnosis and surgery

just getting to grips with the fact I have breast cancer. Had really good experience of hospital service so far: no complaints at all. Having a lumpectomy and single(at least not all lymph node removal) on Tuesday 10 August and told this followed by radiotherapy just as good as mastectomy: hope so. There still seems to be a lot of ifs and buts at this stage and that’s quite scary: will I need chemo etc. Trying to be positive but scared of side effects and what I will look like afterwards!!!

Hi shelly

Sorry you have had to join us. But I am pleased you are getting the good treatment you deserve at your hosp. Waiting for surgery and results can be nerve racking so it is good that your surgery is soon. I hope all goes well for you and please post more with any thoughts or questions. There is a wealth of experience here whatever treatment path you are on. Take care of yourself. Dx

Dear Shellyh,
hope your surgery went well today. Hope you are getting lots of fuss and attention. I had the same as you about a month ago. I’ve had to go on to have clearance of my lymph nodes - this may not happen to you and even if it does I truely believe the medical profession has this disease on the run. Whilst you are waiting fot results will be a challenging time. Be good to yourself, be self indulgent when you get the chance. Have faith that whatever the results they will SORT YOU OUT.
As to appearance - it doesn’t matter - easy to say - not so easy to believe…so it REALLY doesn’t matter. I know we live in a fashion conscious, image led world and I am older(and never had much in the way of breasts anyway ) BUT people who love you will love you unconditionally.
Valarian (Kalms)is a good natural sleep remedy.
Best wishes keep strong
Sunshine girl

Hi Sunshine Girl,

thanks for the comments. Unfortunately, i did have to go back for node clearance last week and starting to feel really concerned now. Wont get results from this til next week and then will have to wait again to see onc…AH AH . Just want to be back to normal but guess this is a long way off yet. Hope they can sort me out and I am trying to be positive and take heart from all the help given on this forum.

Hope your getting on okay?