New Forest / Southampton area

Anyone in this area interested in meeting up?

Hi Vicki
I live near Southampton and would be very interested in a meet up. Although i am over a year post dx, I still feel the after effects of treatment and the dreaded arimidex. I would love to meet others near to me as there are surprisingly few of us meeting up. i have met the STARS ladies in the Portsmouth/Fareham area but nearer to home would be good.

Rachy xxx

Glad to hear from you, sorry it has been a little while I couldn’t find my way back here (and was away at the weekend). I live in Lymington so maybe you would like to suggest somewhere to meet.

See you soon! Vicki XXX

Hi, I’m local too, in the Romsey area, just off on holiday to France before the dreaded chemo starts, but would be good to meet once I’m back.


I’m not that far away, near Basingstoke with a son in Bournemouth, and would love to meet up.
You sound at about the same stage as me Helen - I’m going to have a break before my chemo which starts in abot 4 weeks.

Take care


I am not far and would be interested x

Hi all,

Am in New Milton :slight_smile:

Hi All
I would love to meet up with others with secondary breast cancer. I live in Ashurst between Southampton and Lyndhurst. Anywhere local would be excellent.
Cheers Rambling Rose

Hi ladies

Just posting to see if anyone would be interested in meeting for a chat?

Diagnosed with secs Sept 2010 and currently receiving treatment at So’ton General but feeling a little isolated as unable to find a support group or anyone in the same situation to talk to. Have good support from family and friends but it’s hard to relay my true feelings to them.

Any takers?

Liz x


I live the Newbury side of Winchester and I’m around Mondays and Wednesdays until 3pm…

Dx June 2009 so further on but am still there to talk anything through…

The other girls who used to get together in this area are all back at work now but might be around occasionally.