New girl in town!

Hello! Katwoman here! Not sure if I’ll post this, probably too boring. Have enjoyed reading all the forum chat and have picked up a bit of reassurance here and a wee bit of new info there. Diagnosed 21st April ‘08, lumpectomy and lymph node removal 6th May, Tact2 Arm2, Epi/Xeloda chemo started 10th June! Have been cared for by the most amazing team of people both in my local hospital and now at the inspiring Beatson in Glasgow. My “chemo capers” began with the epirubicin going in innocently like a lovely red Chianti and came out like Vimto! The pain in my GOOD arm entry points and elbow prove what my chemo nurse said…it’s a vein rotter! Felt fine until about 10.30pm then I could have been in a boat on the choppy high seas! Yeuk! What followed in the wee sma’ hours was a replay of the “projectile” scene in “The Exorcist”, spinning heads included! The tables were turned, when my two teenage sons took turns looking after their wee mammy! They were amazing all through it (their Dad couldn’t handle it!), however, they did seemed to be obsessed with the varying colours in my wee bucket! I must remember to sing a rainbow the next session in July!!! Saw a lovely one arching high and bright over ASDA the other day! Anyhoo, I’ve had aches and pains, sticky drains, sleep ins and awake outs. sore heads and dodgy tum, but I’m still here and I can wipe my own glutimus maximum!!! When my hair goes my son says he’ll shave it for me and will do his own too! The 15yr old is too much of a poser to do it right down to the bone! but that’s okay! I’m hoping to look like the lovely Shania Twain or Gale Porter, but I’ll probably end up like Yul Brynner or Kojak! (Yul was a movie star::“King and I” for you young uns below 40!) worked in B.T. before children, now I work in retail, “but this is not just any retail this is M&S retail!” Three colleagues are all “survivors”, 4yrs, 7yrs and over 10yrs, briil ladies with brill attitudes to life. M&S offer regular B.C. checks on all staff and of course do loads for Breakthrough. So it’s ironic that I’ve been dressing up like a crazy loon for years to help raise funds for the very challenge that I face now. Well this clown ain’t frowning whether I’m “upping” or “downing”, though I may briefly get queasy…don’t expect it to be easy, I’ll look to my family,my workmates and chums and when I seek other solace I’'ll switch on to the B.C.forums!
What a blethering insomniac, told you it would be boring. Just wanted to have a go. Keep talking, reaching out and listening girls, cos you’re all very special “Pink” ladies. Your wee bit of blether has helped me cry a little but worry a lot less about things that seemed silly to ask about. The really useful “tips” are in my “Favourites” for reference and I’ll put all your positive vibes in my back pocket for “Chemo Chianti” days. No point in asking “Why me?” 'cos I know a big voice from above or below will shout out “Why not!”, so I’ll leave you in peace and get on with my lot!! Stay positive and don’t let the black days get the better of you. Enjoy the rainbows and the sunbeams…and if that doesn’t work go shopping in M&S! Ha!Ha! Stay positive Pink Ladies! Cheery!

Hi Katwoman,
That wasn’t boring by any means, give me a little giggle at this early hour of the morning.
Welcome to the forum and sorry you have to be hear but have fun and I am sure we will all be turning to you for a pick me up, you appear to be extremely positive and fair play to your sons for helping you with the puke, you do realise that when th heavy drinking starts they will get their own back.

Take care petal, I will be in your shoes on Wed all being well.

Love and hugs

Hi Katwoman

Welcome to the club we all don’t want to be in! These threads have been such a god send since I joined here in April this year. In fact my hubby only said last night that I seem to come off here laughing more times than not! So at least the dreaded bc doesn’t get our sense of humour - well not all the time! As Leeloo says you sound very positive despite living in upchuck city! Hope you are on the mend now and enjoying the good days between chemo sessions - I make sure I do! I missed my 3rd chemo session last week due to low blood counts so have been making the most of the extra good times rather than let it get me down - looking for the positives I’ve found is the best way to deal with all the cr*p we get thrown at us! It was good to hear your story - not boring at all - you’re now human on here rather than cyber if you get my meaning. Your boys sound great and, as you say, turns the tables on them to clean up after you!

Take care and keep us posted as to how you’re doing or if you just want to have a moan - we all do every so often.

Nicky x

Welcome Katwoman!We’re practically at the same stage.I spent 6th May in hospital recovering from full axillary clearance on my 30th wedding anniversary.I’m also on TACT 2 at the Beatson.God help them if we land next to each other at treatment time.You sound like you can gab as much as I do! Do you think they’d let us share a wee bottle of wine during chemo?
I have my 2nd chemo on Wed.Like you,I 've been a bit pukey,but otherwise fine.My 19yr old said he’d shave his hair if mine falls out.Having a go with the cold cap even if it does make me look a bit mental when I wear it.
Good luck with treatment!

Welcome - great post

Hi Katwoman,
no shortage of superheros round here to keep you company, thats for sure. I had dose 2 on 10 June so do we have a cyber date on Ist July? Snap I am also on TACT2, I got arm one, yawn that takes forever and was a bit peeved but I am enjoying 2 weeks of fun in every cycle so there are fringe benefits I guess. If you are on xeloda you must be arm 3 or 4 depending if yours is accelerated or not. If you put the right arm in on a search you will find a group of ladies going through who are ahead of you and will be great for advice, they are all on the second part I think. Sorry to hear you puked so much, I did not get that. Be sure to phone and tell them before you next go so they plan different anti-sickness drugs or it will be written up before you get there and take more time to change. They have loads to try until they find one which works for you.
The boys will keep you bouncing. Two of my girls ran the race for life today, which was rather emotional seeing them run round with ‘Mum’ on their backs. Hope you are feeling brighter now and have loads of fun until you go back in
LIly x

Hello Katwoman
Great name, you don’t have several cats by any chance?
I feel we have much in common I love Per Una much to the horror of my kids I used to buy their clothes in secret from M&S it was so not cool. They are older now and are just too poor to shop at M&S two being at Uni.
I started Chemo on 9th June and although I never threw up I moaned for England I felt so rough and the diarrhoea was awful. I have to think after next monday I’ll be a third of the way through otherwise I think I’d go nuts. My hair is dropping out big time, very short and very sparce, I have a shower after my bath to get rid of loose hair. I haven’t joined in much on this site but I’ve read lots of the threads.
As where I work one of the residents thought I was 44 can I cheat and be younger than I really am, my younger sister lies about her age and she says shes 42.
I really can’t be bothered with scarves, I thouight losing my hair would freak me out but unless I look like Kojak I dont think I’ll be spending too much time covering up. The wee colour reminds me Youngest daughter was most put out she didn’t see blue wee after sentinal node biopsy, As I said didn’t think she’d want to be woken at 4.30am. Havent mentioned red wee, she is 20 but studying chemistry and I think I’m her favourite project.
Babs x

Hi all, I am on arm4 of TACT 2 trial and now on my second cycle of xeloda. It is a much easier chemo than epi to tolerate. I felt very sick on epi but on this cycle no problems. I do need to cream my hands and feet as get a bit dry but not sore at all. I do get very tired but as am on 6th of 8 chemos that is to be expected. I too ama per una fan and have to keep away from my nearest m& s. I am 39 , diagnosed 14th Feb and have grade 3 idc 2.5mm. I had surgery first then chemo then rads in September. Good luck to everyone with their treatments this week

Rach xxx