New here 1st breast clinic app tuesday

Hi everyone
I’m 39 and had pain in my left breast since Christmas. I kept checking it but no other symptoms. Over the past month the breast started to get bigger. It’s now much bigger than the other. 3 weeks ago I felt a sort of hard area under my areola quite deep so I booked a gp appointment. Both the gp and medical student could feel it but didn’t know what it was so referred me to breast clinic on a 2ww. Since seeing the gp I can feel a definite hard lump. I can’t tell if it’s moveable as it’s quite deep. In all honesty i am terrified. I swing between positive and despair. Anyone else had similar?

Welcome…it could be fatty tissue…hard waiting results…we’re all here for you…I was only diagnosed Thursday. …x

Thankyou millie67. Sorry to hear you were diagnosed. I really hope it is fatty tissue. It’s very uncomfortable and my breast feels so heavy.
Keeping my fingers crossed for you on a positive treatment plan.

Hi Clarey,
The anxiety when waiting for the appointment is horrible, but thankfully you have been referred to get to the bottom of it.
Most breast changes turn out to be nothing serious, but if on the off chance it is bc, then the sooner it gets dealt with the better, bc is very treatable these days with some of the best outcomes out there. But, statistically it is more likely it wont come to that.
Easier said than done, but it helps to keep yourself distracted & to carry on as normal. Also a avoid any general googling as it unnecessarily increases anxiety, use this site if you need any more info.
Let is know how you get on, most women do report getting the all clear.
take care
ann x

Thanks Ann. My rational side knows it’s probably not BC. My job doesn’t help things really as I am a nurse. It really is not a blessing when I have abit of knowledge and experience albeit through my patients. I find it a struggle trying to be rational right now and having seen 2 ladies a similar age to me with BC this week I guess it’s kind of tipped my normal positivity out of the window. I am refraining from google as I’m sure it would add to the anxiety. Thankyou for listening to me wittering on.

Hi Clarey77, the waiting and trying not to worry is so hard isn’t it, I’m in the same boat with one more sleep until my appointment tomorrow, it’s been a long two weeks. I’ve had pain in my right breast for 4 months now but couldn’t feel anything, I went to my gp who said she could feel something but wasn’t sure what so referred to local breast clinic to see what’s what. Stupidly I went to google before I found this site and lost a couple of nights sleep because of it so I definitely agree with steering clear of there for advice!! trying to stay positive as I have four young children so they’re keeping me busy! from what I’ve read on here the chances of the outcome being anything awful is pretty slim so keeping everything crossed for us both and anyone else in the same boat xx