New here and terrified

Morning everyone,

I found this place yesterday and I’m so glad I did. I can see what a huge support you are to each other. I’m sorry to just come on here and start bleating on about my own worries.


I’m terrified. I have had a lump for years in my right breast. At the start of the summer it changed a bit. I thought about it off and on but didn’t do anything about it until the start of November. I had a doctor appointment on the 20th and sure enough she found a large hard lump. It doesn’t move, I don’t know if that makes a difference? I have dimpling around the nipple and pain into my armpit, up into my shoulder, down my arm and into my fingers. I have convinced myself I have cancer and it has spread. I also have severe anxiety that was under control until now.

The doctor told me she was putting it through as urgent but my appointment for mammogram isn’t until 24th December, 5 weeks after my doctor appointment. 

I’ve waited 2.5 weeks and still have another 2.5 to go. This is torture.


Thank you if you got this far xxx

Bennyd, we really feel for your uncertainty and worry. You are doing the right thing in getting it checked out, but waiting can be so distressing. Somebody more experienced than me may be able to suggest how to get an earlier appointment, but I just wanted to acknowledge your current pain and offer encouragement that you will get through it.







Hi bennyd6 I’m Anne I’ve popped over from going through treatment thread and sometimes contact with others who have done the waiting helps No matter where your at in treatment the waiting is the hardest part you’ll go to hell and back. Don’t let your mind run away with you and think the worst trust me I’ve been there with many others on other threads. I started with 5cm lumpy area down side of right breast end of august was diagnosed triple neg b/c had mastectomy with node sampling 3/5 positive nodes and am now undergoing chemo.My worst fear was that it had gone elsewhere then last week I had a clear ct scan result and now I feel much more positive. What I’m trying to say ducky is try your best not to worry until you know and go with each step as it comes along and put your trust in these fantastic doctors and consultants they will see your ok. What you said about 5 week wait seems like purgatory I know because I had to wait 7 weeks after op to start chemo and because of node involvement I had visions of it travelling to other places but it hasn’t.It doesn’t divide and multiply as fast as we think you  know. I’m sure you’ll be fine benny you’ll get sorted.Pop over to recently diagnosed and have a look at all the positive stories they will  put you at ease xxx.

Hello Bennyd6
I went to Drs on the 8th November and wAs at hospital for initial testing 10th November which was all very quick , then a 2 week delay until diagnosis confirmed bc , since then a lot of waiting around but this week it is all go and 1st chemo tomorrow .
I totally get it’s horrendous waiting about but found it easier keeping busy and organising things.
I’m happy to chat whenever you need to , people on here have been a godsend , such lovely women .
I will be thinking of you xxx