New here, first post. Just had my first appointment...

Hello everyone,


My first post here. I’ve been, like many of you may have done, skulking around in the forums, reading posts that may be similar to my own situation before decided to actually post something.


I’ve had some itching inside my left breast (not on the surface, from within almost) and a slight burning sometimes. So I thought I should have a feel around. Low and behold, there in the lower part, deep inside, was a very hard pea sized lump. I can’t move it (I don’t think, its hard to tell) and it feels kind of attached to my chest wall. Went to the GP, who referred me under the TWR. I was seen today and not a lot was said. Lots of umming and arrring. She found the lump without my help and referred me urgently for an ultrasound before sending me on my way.


So, now, like lots of you, I’m waiting for a letter or phone call with an appointment. Two days before christmas!


Its a bit rubbish, eh?


Tell me your stories, if you feel like sharing. Or your symptoms/signs if you’ve had it confirmed. I lost my maternal grandmother, mother and sister to BC and it really sucks.



I saw in your title that your new here and this was your first post. Im new here too. I posted yesterday for the first time.


Again, like you I am currently waiting for my appointment which I received a letter about on the 23rd Dec. My appointment is tomorrow for an ultrasound and possible mammogram nad biopsy. Scared, worried, nervous… none of these words are even close to how i feel at the moment, so id imagine your feeling pretty similar at the moment. I dont think it helps I have to attend the appointment on my own :frowning:


My story is im 26 years old (from the UK) and found a lump on my left breast just above the areola, its hard, quite oval and slightly moves to the right when putting pressure on it. At first i thought could be a cyst but its only natural for your mind to run away with you and think the worst (and believe me I have been thinking all sorts). I have a lot of pain, not only where the lump is but near my armpit and collar bone and up the right side of my breast which kind of feels a little thicker than the rest. I also feel/look a little swollen around the edges.

I’ve tried to talk to family members but i feel like im being a bit of a burden to be honest, especially at the moment with being in limbo with not knowing what it is. I dont want to be making a fuss over something small but at the same time i feel i need to talk to someone because of how worried i am.  Vicious circle.


Im so sorry to read abou your grandmother, mother and sister. Can only imagine this makes your concerns for what your going through worse!? You said that you were left waiting for your appointment 2 days before christmas which isnt fun at all and is the last thing you want before christmas. Have you has your appointment yet and how are you feeling now you’ve had a few days for it to sink in?

Sorry for the waffling. That would be the nerves.


Lots of love and well wishes to you! :slight_smile: xx