New here just wanted to talk..

Hiya every one, Im so glad i found these forums and i would like to say my heart goes out to you all with breast cancer…

Im a mum of 2 special girls. I found a lump a 2 months ago, told not to worry to go back to my gp in 4 weeks if not any better. Here i am, not any better, getting bigger and my breast which has the lump was leaking discharge, at the breast clinic on tuesday. Worried sick my auntie died last year from breast cancer age 38. Yep im young and healthy but just have that awfull feeling things arnt going to be ok. What should i expect on tues, i have no idea. Will the tests hurt ? Sorry to blable on dnt realy have ne1 to talk to. Thankyou. X

Hi there,

Sorry you have found yourself here, but it really is the place to be for help,information and support.

I was sent to a one stop clinic after finding a lump in my generally lumpy boobs. Had a mammogram,was gritting my teeth and going lalalalalalala but it really wasn’t that bad. Then had ultasound (painless) but was told that my lump looked suspicious and they wanted to do 2 needle biopsies,one in lump one in armpit(lymph node) and a core biopsy on lump. I am the biggest wuss out with regards pain,bit of a sting getting local anaesthetic in and then didnt feel a thing, honest.So all in all,it wasn’t that bad. Was told would have needle biopsy results in an hour,these were inconclusive but again was told that my lump looked suspicious got core result 48 hrs later,and that confirmed that I did have cancer unfortunately,but because of what I was told at the clinic I was prepared for the news and just wanted to know what needed done next. Am going in for lumpectomy and sentinal node biopsy this monday then another wait til get the results from that, just a waiting game I’m afraid and you have got to take one step at a time.

Good luck and keep chatting on here, we are all here to help each other through this whatever stage of the journey we are on.

Big hugs

Sandra x

Hi maiyapaige

Breast Cancer Care publishes a booklet which covers the subject of being referred to breast clinic and I have given the link here for your information.

In addition, I am sure you will receive plenty of information and personal experiences from our many users.

I do hope this is helpful.

Kind regards


Just to say hello and wish you well