New here!

New here!

New here! Hello young women

First time posting here. Was a bit unsure about where I belong, am young I think? (31) but have mets so am in the middle.

Health wise am really stable at the moment (see profile) but as you know its always there. On a really good note had a fab scan result too day and wanted to share it with you all.No traces of cancer on the liver so cancer has been under control for nearly 2 years Yipeeeeeeeee!

It is so nice to see postings from other young women can rally relate to feeling the odd one out because of being young.I was first diagnosed when I was 27 and the hospital I am under has a young oncology unit with a cut off age of 24.So was definately the youngest in the outpatients.

I have been on herceptin for two years now. Are there any other gals that have been on it for the same or longer time? I have been really lucky as I haven’t suffered any horrid side affects(touch wood-head will do).

Are there any manchester belles out there?

Thats my piece of good news anyway,
Love + hugs to all Emmaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Nice one Emma! Hi Emma,

welcome to the younger women pages! So pleased to hear your great news, you must be well pleased. I have been awaiting the results of a bone scan I had to have last week following a CT, got a phone call earlier to say all is clear! Like you I am over the moon at my news and phoned everybody I know to tell them. When you’re first diagnosed its hard to see any positives in bc but when good scan results come along you can’t help but smile.

I’m not a manchester belle I’m afraid, but you could do as many of us have done and post a message asking if there are any younger women from manchester. I’ve no doubt you’ll get loads of replies.

Anyway, welcome once again, I’m sure you’ll find us a friendly and supportive bunch,

Take care,


Hi Emma

That’s brilliant news for you - i’m really pleased for you.

I’m a young woman, 34 actually, but i must be honest some days i feel 134!!

I’m a manchester girl too

Sorry, can’t comment on the armidex - am on tamoxifen (with yukky side effects too!)

Anyway, once again great news for you

Take care and keep smiling

lots of love

Thanks for lovely welcome Was scared no one would reply cheers for that!

Your right good scan results give a feeling like no other, this games all about highs and lows.

Hello to manchester lady

Thanks once again to you both
Speak soon

Take care xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hey sugar

Im 30 and have mets (spine and sternum) aswell so anytime you want a chat give me a shout hun.

Yeah it can be a bit like well im a younger lady but dont want to scare everyone on here but feel like the baby on the secodaries forum!

Go clubbing in manchester quite abit even though im down in london!

All the best lynnc

Make me laugh! Hi lynnc

Cheers for your post ,have read loads of your posts in the past year and have really had a good giggle.Have you thought about giving up day job???

I used to be a crazy clubber but since having children have had too calm down abit. Does a girly weekend in Benidorm count??Not got in at 6 am for yonks it was FAB!

Sounds like you are doing well health wise and agree you should go and have a great summer fingers crossed for good weather.

Cheers again

Aye up!

I too knackered after chemo to all nighters! Those were the days hey! :slight_smile: i was out for a friends bday til 4 the other week trying to out dance a group of 19year olds it near killed my back! I was like look at me I can dance like destinys child!! Only cause id got half a bottle of gin in me! :slight_smile: well the oncologist said i could drink and from what they were saying the juries still out on recreational drugs! Saying that some of the pain killers i had after my mast I was high as! So all fun!

Girly weekends in bedidorm defo count! You getting away this year??

And heres to a good summer…im camping next week im dreading the downpour we’ve had this weekend!

Catch you soon


Beyonce nothing on you! I’m sure you gave Beyonce a run for money!!!

Where are you camping? Hubby and I are just contempleting getting a tent . Kids still (just) where this could be cool.

Will now bore you with summer info!

Wales next week for sons birthday then Galway(ireland) in August. This my very favourite place was born here and It is as near to heaven in my opinion that you can get. Can’t wait now excited thinking about it.

Then New york with girls(24 of us) in November. Am so looking forward to this have never been but always wanted to.Was valentine pressie from hubby.

Try to do as many fab things as I can manage(pennies allowing).Sure there will be plenty of late nights /early mornings hope New york is ready for invasion of the Mancs!

Fingers crossed for lovely sun,blue skys and plenty of happy times for us both and everyone else too.

Emma xxxxxxx

Hi Emma

Sorry about delayed reply been out alot think i need to try and give my kidneys and liver a chance hey but got to get the download fesitval this weekend out of the way! Its gona be rocker heaven so will defo be getting drunk…havent checked the weather report im hoping its like the weekend just gone!

Oh if you want to go camping get yourself down to cornwall its really lovely and the weather can be ace for camping! Im gonna get down with some mates this summer.

I was born in northern ireland tis my fave place to go on holiday and i love the fact that they all still cook with lard! Best chips ever :slight_smile:

Im going to new york with my mum at the end od september just trying to sort out a good deal…Im sure new yorkers will love the manc invasion just dont take alot in your suitcase! the shopping in ace!

Im up your way at the end of july arctic monkeys are playing the cricket ground really looking forward to it! I love Alex turner the lead singer!

Anyway catch you soon

Lynn xx