New hereCan I join you young ones?

New hereCan I join you young ones?

New hereCan I join you young ones? Hi all,

Just wondered if I could join…I’m 41!!!

I have posted on the ‘After Treatment’ section but wasn’t really sure where to post my introduction.

I was diagnosed last May with Met Breast cancer and have had, chemo, lumpectomy, radiotherapy and am now on Tamoxifen. I have my 1st year mammo coming up shortly.

My profile tells more about me so won’t bore you all with it here!!

Looking forward to ‘chatting’ and getting/giving advice and support.


Hi Clare and welcome,

Just thought I’d quickly welcome you; I should actually be packing for my holidays! Hope you find lots of support and advice on the forums; I’ve had everything I’ve wanted to know answered and more.
You can see my info in my profile. Good luck and I’m sure we’ll meet again in the forums.
Carla x

Hi Clare,
Welcome to the forums! I hope you find it a useful and helpful site. I have been accessing this site for about 6 months now and have found it really helpful.
I am nearly finished with all the treatment but like you, am on Tamoxifen and in the next few weeks, I am hopefully having reconstruction.

Best of luck with your mammo appt and we’re all here if you need to “talk” or share things. There’s fun here too!

Bye for now and all the best,

Welcome Clare! Hi Clare,

welcome to the younger women pages! I am 35 and have not considered myself to be a ‘younger woman’ for quite some time so am strangely pleased to find that, like you, I can post on these pages. For once I actually feel young, HURRAH!! Even if it is for all the wrong reasons!!

Anyhoo, welcome and I hope you find this forum as useful as I do,

Take care,


Hi Clare I always look on the younger women’s, but have never posted on here. I’m 42 and didn’t really know if I qualified . I have just finished chemo, and about to start 30 sessions of rads on Tuesday. Really looking forward to my hair growing back!

Sarah x

I’m also new to this… glad I can just squeeze into the young group, as I’m 44! Well, I’m certainly not old…

Anyway, it’s all moved quite fast for me. I had a lumpectomy and removal of 18 nodes two weeks ago… so am still quite sore. I’m having a problem with fluid build-up, so still have a drain on one of my wounds. Thankfully it seems to be slowing down, but I think it might be there for a while yet.

I’m waiting for the heart scan later on this week, with the chemo due to start probably the following week. Like a previous post, I too have had the TACT2 trial suggested… I’ve read a lot about it on the net and it can get you down if you read about all the potential side-effects. Think positive and hope I won’t be affected by more of them… The way I look at it, on the trial, there’s a 3 in 4 chance that the length of the chemo will be reduced from the standard 28 weeks to either 24 or 20 weeks, so why not go for it! I’d welcome anybody’s thoughts who have also gone for the TACT2 trial…

i’m new and scared hi everyone, i am 29 years old and i am scared, for the last 1.5 years my nipple has been leaking yellow and blood stained discharge, i recently went to my docters where they found a lump and noticed that my nipple was a lot lower and inverted, she has refered me to the breast clinic where i have to have a biopsy, i have 5 children and i feel scared and very alone. i no i not alone but i reallydon’t nohow i feel so i am hoping i can join you and feel better andnot alone.

Dear northy I have started a new thread in the ‘Have I got breast cancer’ room with your post as you may get more replies this way.

If you feel that you would like to speak to someone in confidence about your concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our freephone helpline on 0808 800 6000 Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 9am-2pm.

Kind regards
Forum Host
Breast Cancer Care

Hi Clare Hi Clare

I am new to the younger section as well. I’m 35 and sometimes consider myself to be young still although with all the treatment, hair loss and weight gain that’s questionable at times. I have only posted on the ‘undergoing treatment for breast cancer’ section so far as I wasn’t sure if 35 was still classed as young!
I’m sure you’ll find the forum really useful, I know I have. It took me a while to pluck up the courage to starting post although I had been reading the posts for quite some time. Having started posting it has really helped sharing feelings and ideas with everyone.
Best of luck and if you ever want a chat or a moan feel free.
Take care