New & hoping for some advice re lumpectomy

Hi all, this is my first post and hoping some of you may be able to help. I was diagnosed with tnbc 2 months ago, 8mm 0 nodes grade 3. After lumpectomy margins weren’t clear and mri showed 4mm lesion near original tumour. Went to have margins cleared and other lesion removed last Thursday (unsure at this stage whether other lesion is benign or malignant) but surgeon cancelled op as said lesion should have been biopsied as if malignant would need mastectomy. Went back for u/s on lesion but lesion couldn’t be found due to scar tissue. My genetic results will be back mid week (I’m 38) before they decide on which further op i will have. But if I’m brca negative and the other lesion is cancerous surely I should have mastectomy as multi focal? I’m also worried that all these delays will make chemo less effective. I just can’t get my head around all of this and it’s really starting to affect me. Back to see consultant tmw for ‘plan’ but am losing faith a bit :frowning: sorry for the essay and thankyou for reading X

Hi Suesal

Good to meet you but sorry we both had to be here…

I didn’t want to go to sleep without seeing a reply to you, but this will be bit brief, snoozy codeine taking effect!

Best advice to ring the kind and knowledgeable helpliners who will put you in the direction of their nurses or ‘someone like me’ if they can’t help themselves.

If you are BRAC+  get in touch with the hereditary breast cancer helpline.

Every best wish, and maybe tell us how you get on, night, Caroluna

Thankyou Caroluna, am seeing my consultant later today so hoping to have more of a clearer picture. Just struggling to get my head round it all… Nothing’s straightforward! Hugs to you xx