New lung mets.

I am feeling a bit shell shocked today after a really horrible 3/4 months.


I found out at the beginning of December that my bony mets were progressing after 18 months of being stable following capecitabine.  I was due to start cap again but became very unwell with what turned out to be Hepatitis E and have been completley knocked out physically for 3 full months.  At the time the liver specialist believed i had a diffuse cancer spread to my liver, but having got my head around this, 

i finally got a letter on Friday saying this was not the case and acute Hep E was confirmed and a full recovery within 3-6 months  wa expected.  It was a huge relief and I even felt well enough to cook a meal on Sunday for the first time since the beginning of December (when i was still working and life was normal).

However, I went for scan results yesterday and now have spread to lungs, with something possiby showing on liver too … though it is only a few weeks since my liver biopsy so I am choosing to believe this is some scar tissue.

I feel devastated about the lung mets.  I was so surprised that we didn’t really ask any questions.  Mike said  "what does this mean?’  meaning what are the implications in terms of treatment, how I might feel and prognosis I thnk, but the reply was that ‘your wife’s breast cancer has spread to her lungs’ … well even we understood that much.  

At the moment the only sympton I have is shortness of breath and a feeling that I can never really breath deeper than the top of chest, but never fill my lungs. Everyone had just thought this was a side effect from the hepatitis or meds.  I am having donosumab injections and started my cap last night.

Sorry this is a ramble.  Thanks for taking to read it.


Hi,jacki,so sorry to hear about your latest diagnosis . I have bone mets at the moment so I can’t offer any advice. But a lot of ladies on here have them and can offer some help.
All I can do is send you huge hugs,Helen xxxxx

Hi Jacqui, 

I’m sorry you have had such a bad few months and I’m sure this latest news has floored you!.I just wanted to tell you that although the news isn’t good that you will feel less anxious when the treatment kicks in and I’m sure it will.

I was diagnosed with lung Mets two and a half years ago and I was in a state of shock at first. I had no symptoms then and still haven’t! After I had the news however I started to feel “pressure” on my chest area and heaviness. I thought that it was due to the cancer but after a few weeks I didn’t get it anymore. I now know that it was anxiety. 

I’m not saying that the symptoms you have are the same but even if they aren’t I’m sure your treatment will resolve them. My lung Mets have remained stable for over two years now and I still feel quite well.

Good luck with the treatment and I hope you soon feel better. Love Sheila. X






Hi Jacqui, I also have lung mets in lung ang pleura. I have been stable for 3 1/2 years. I have some shortness of breathe if I have to climb up steep hills. Other than that I lead an active life. Like the other ladies have said once you get your treatment started you will hopefully start to feel a little more positiv. Take care of yourself xx