New Me! (well almost)

Hi Girls
Its been some time since Ive posted and just wanted to mention this.
Just after I had been diagnosed I was speaking to a friend of mine who had, had bc and was three years away from her treatment. I asked her when I would start feeling like my old self again and what she said shocked me. She said that two years after her chemo finished was when her energy levels came back.
I just parked that idea and thought that I would be different.

Anyway, this April will be my 2 year anniversary, and guess what, the other day after a 2 1/2 hour walk I still had energy to come home and garden…and the little thought parked right at the back of my mind went on like a light bulb. I have, (touching lots of wood right now) felt so much better this last few weeks, I have joined WWatchers and have lost 9lbs, mentally I feel a little stronger, although I still have moments of doubt, but the sun at the moment always seems to be shining.

I just wanted to share this little bit of hope with others, I will never push the experience away for good, and I will always have a certain amount of fear for the future but I now firmly believe that we all only have this moment, nobody has anything more. We have just had a big wake up call.

PS I am the big 50 next year and instead of waiting for the special holiday I have booked a holiday with my cousin for a short break to New York, (the old me would never have done this!)
Much love to you all
Debbie x

Good for you lass! I too will hit 50 next year (all the best were born in’59!) and will have such a blast when (not if!) I get there! Lovely to hear some positive thoughts-just been reading some of letters in today’s Guardian which people have written about their mothers. Some of course were written to their mothers who died from cancer-made me cry my eyes out!
Hope your energy continues
Love Gill x

Good for you! I am 7 months post chemo and only 2 Herceptins to go, still have the odd bad day where I’m very fatigued but I had a very difficult time on Taxotere where I ended up in hospital, so I figured it would take a while. However, I have my concentration back which is excellent as I was like a goldfish crossed with a headless chicken last summer.

One thing I’ve found about this disease is that it has given me the courage to consider new things like retraining and going s/employed in my OHs business. I’ve also been terrified to learn to drive but I plan to give it another go now (might need hypnotherapy first though!) I just figure I’ve faced what for most people is their biggest fear (cancer), so what else is there to be afraid of now?

Great news lass, I too am 2 years post diagnosis in April. just been for my 6 month check, all *appears ok*and providing my mammo is ok in April (ish) will go to yearly checkups. Fingers crossed.
You are right about gradually feeling your old self again, it takes time, I remember the days I could not even walk to the end of the street, and a week ago I spent a hectic 5 days in the states.

Wishing you well lass, have a great time in New York.


Hi Debbie,
What an encouraging post, thank you. I have had chemo and just about to start rads then herceptin, I turned 50 last week, and reading your experience has really helped, it does you the power of good to read there is light at the end of the tunnel. Good Luck to you Debbie and happy gardening!!!
Love Jillxx

Hi Debbie

Lovely to hear from you I’m the one with the horses from Yorkshire. As you said in previous posts you still miss them lots.

Really glad that you are feeling a lot better and more positve about the future.

I too am only twelve months down the line but feeling really positve again about the future. I have joined the gym and have been going 5 times a week these past few weeks so feeling a lot stronger and fitter. I also think it helps your mind as well as your body. Seem to have shaken the dreadful thoughts i was having before Christmas and looking forward to our skiing holiday at the end of March.

Hope you have a great time in New York I’m sure you will. Good Luck with the weight loss you are doing really well 9lbs already brilliant.

Still got the horses and ride all the time. Wouldnt be without them.

Best Wishes