New member, been referred for urgent appointment today

Hi everyone,

I’m 31 years old and had a really itchy nipple on and off for 2 - 3 months now. About a month ago I noticed the tissue near my armpit felt strange. Not exactly a lump but thicker and a bit bumpy. I hoped it would go away but it didn’t so I made an emergency appointment today and my doctor referred me for an urgent appointment at the breast clinic. She said I would hear within three working days and be seen within two weeks.

I can’t believe it, I’m terrified, don’t want to tell anyone except my husband because it might be nothing and I don’t want to bother people. He’s gone out tonight and I’ve just been in bed crying. I’m so healthy, I’m a vegan fitness instructor!!

I have had a lot of issues with my hormones this year so I’m hoping it’s just hormonal as I had a phantom pregnancy at the start of the year as a side effect of coming off the depo injection. My boobs were massive and sore,m for a couple of months due to that but now this is a different feeling and it’s only one of them.

I don’t know what to think. Just needed to talk to someone as my husband doesn’t really understand xx

PS - I also have a symptom I haven’t read anywhere else. That nipple always seems to be ‘out’ if you know what I mean. I keep reading about inverted nipple but can’t find anyone saying theirs was always out. Anyone heard of this? Thanks

Replied on my thread lovely xx