New Member of the BC Club

New Member of the BC Club

New Member of the BC Club Hi All

I have posted some stuff on the younger women’s bit of the forum but have started to look at the other forums and thought I’d say hello.

Found lump by chance on Holiday, diagnosed 30 April, lumpectomy and Sentinel Node Blue dye thing 24 May, still have blue boob v amusing lasts about a month or so! 31mm Grade 2 bundle of mayhem extracted but positive node found so need more surgery on 5 July. Then Chemo, Radioterrortherapy, tamoxifen.

Mucho frustrated and why me at my age it’s pants!!

Anyway, have read some of the posts about revealing scars to husbands/boyfriends. My bloke is a little older than me and a long standing friend and his wife died of breast cancer and secondary in her liver 2 years ago but tragically was beyond the stage of having a mastectomy etc when diagnosed. Now we are together he is helping me he is funny and caring and my rock.

I asked my bloke to help remove my dressings yesterday as I was feeling nervous but also trust him implicitly and he made me feel comfortable by helping me to laugh about it. He suggested he donned a uniform! He said boob looks no different and scar looked sexy and would like to assist with rubbing in cream to help scar to heal! this made me feel so much better and he thanked me for sharing it with him and trusting him.

Although feeling a bit down due to my results, I feel positive and will fight this. To keep me sane my friends have made some CDs of happy uplifting tunes and when I’m feeling down I play them loud and sing along.

So when I’m low I think of Eric Idle’s Always Look on the Bright Side of Life, Feel the power of the force courtesy of Obe Wan Kenobi, drink Red Wine when possible and eat chocolate.

er I suspect current positive gung ho attitude will change once Chemo starts…but I’m here to help others in the same position.

May the force be with you all

Ginger Smurfette :slight_smile:

Howdie I really enjoyed your post - great man, great attitude. You’ll get through this OK.

My spouse did similar - I think getting them involved with dressings, back washing etc at and early stage is a good move even for oldies like me!!

Shame you have more surgery to go - I had all my nodes out when the surgery was done, my sugeon reckoned the chance of substantial spread was about 50:50 so I told her to go for it. It was the right decision.

'All Ways look on the good side ’ is one of my favs too, it always makes me smile.

Take care - keep that gung ho attitude going.

Love Swanie

date at the blue bamboob! Hi Ging

Sounds to me like you have woken up fighting this morning girl! Go get em!

My sister in law who is 7 years in remission, said to me that she never cried, not once, (this was during a marathon 36 hour non-stop crying session of mine!) She decided that the outcome of her illness could not be changed, it was going to happen, good or bad, but she could control her experience and that she would laugh and smile her way through! She was grade 3 with node involvement and has finished tamoxifen and is happy and healthy!

I really thought her thoughts were so strong, so correct, I try to do that…not always, but I try.

We are all with you…I’m nearer than most so hopefuly I’ll see you for recuperative vin rouge sooner! Is your surgeon the prof L, bliss or other?
Mine was Prof L but i opted for B because he could fit me in real quick, fingers like chubby chipolatas, but a very good clean scar that should just sit below the line of a karen millen dress! He has skillful chipolatas!

Chipolatas!?! Hi Claire

It was Mr B who told me my lovely news on Monday so that’s him off my Christmas Card list…bless him! Lovely guy though, he just let me ramble as I asked him loads of questions. It was Prof L who ‘did’ me and I was given two dates for the further surgery. Could have had it on 21 June but would have been with someone else but can have Prof L on 5 July. Was advised it’s best to stick with the same surgeon.

My scar is across the top then another one in my armpit not quite sure how many I will have by the time second op has happened. But they are annoying me as they are chafing against anything I wear! they feel itchy which apparently is good as it means they are healing.

I think you and me are the geordie contingent on this forum so may label further posts as the Newcastle Smurfettes! There must be more of us from Newcastle on here?

Starting to get things straight in my head now and will enjoy the next few weeks before 2nd Op and see that as the next stage and deal with it that way. Unfortunately having to cancel two further holidays now cos of this cancer lark. Due to be in France when 2nd Op is happening and will be enjoying a Chemo Cocktail instead of an italian cocktail in August…the joy! Also was supposed to be in Prague the weekend I had last Op! But it just means my bloke and I can plan a huge holiday to celebrate getting through all of this!! I was in Bangkok when I found my lump but decided to have a bloody good time for the rest of my holiday in Thailand till I came home to get tested.

I’m trying to just see all this as a blip, a slight detour in life that will get straightened out as soon as possible! All I know is I’ve been fortunate enough to get sorted because I acted quickly once I found the lump. I admire greatly the other women on this site who are at grade 3 or beyond so it put’s my story in perspective for me. Big Hug to all of them and positive vibes they get through.

So yes feeling a bit brighter today. Ginger Power will prevail!

GS :slight_smile:

Hi Swanie Hiya Swanie

Well I don’t think men really know what to say as they know what us girls are like sometimes. Bless them they try and help in their nice little ways but sometimes they don’t quite get it right. However, when something like this comes along their strength and sense of protection really kicks in and sounds like we both have strong and fun blokes to support us.

So what’s next for you chemo, Rads and tamoxifen?

All together now ‘Always look on the bright side of life do do do do do do do do’…

Keep in touch

GS :slight_smile:

Welcome GS Hi GS,

welcome (for want of a better word as none of us really wanna be here!) to our club. Your post made me chuckle and I think your attitude is great. Like you I am on the younger side (was diagnosed in March aged 34) and was also mucho mad!! Haven’t felt ‘young’ in years and suddenly found people saying ‘what, at your age? But you’re so young’. And I’m eligable to post on the ‘younger women’ pages, me, at my age!! Now I feel like a right whipper snapper!

Anyway, good on ya for getting your boyfriend involved. I was really anxious initially about letting my bf see me post mastectomy but he was awesome and I really neednt’ve worried. Before long he was changing my dressings like a true professional. We are very lucky to have very supportive oh’s as I know sadly its not the case for everyone.

Keep that positive attitude of yours throughout this journey. I have tried to be positive since diagnosed and continue to be so whilst going through chemo. My philosophy is that although ultimately I may not be able to change the outcome I can change my experience of it. It is very easy to feel sorry for ourselves, god knows we’ve got plenty of reason to, but its essential not to wallow too often.

Keep drinking that wine and keep eating those choccies! I wish you well for your next op in July. I’m sure you’ll let us know how you are getting on,

Take care,