New member saying hello

Good morning everyone

Hope you are all doing ok and no-one is feeling too down/sick/tired today

I have joined the July Junkies as I started my chemo in July. I have a rather large main lump, a couple of satellite lumps and a few nodes involved. I know it is stage 2 and hormone negative, but more than that I haven’t asked and don’t feel I need to know. I am on FEC 100 -T for 6 treatments, then mastectomy then radiotherapy so expecting a busy few months.
The first 3 days after chemo were pretty rough, sickness, diarrhoea, no sleep, then constipation. Once past that I felt fine but had a temperature spike last week so did my first midnight run to the hospital for blood tests and antibiotics. Was told off for not drinking enough in the hot weather we were having. Been fine ever since, just have a bit of a sore throat.
My hair has started falling out in earnest today so I may be in my flash new wigs by the weekend
The treatment I have received since first finding the lump has been fantastic and I have a very positive attitude towards the whole thing.
Reading through some of the threads in here has been very helpful and it’s great to hear experiences of people further along in their treatment stage.
So, sorry we are all here, but hello to you all

Hi Debs

I’m glad you joined the forums, especially since you are now a July Junkie. I would just like to wish you well for the remainder of your treatment. Now the weather is hot, I’m not wearing my hats, but my hair is growing back anyway. I’m a February Valentine, and we have moved on to other treatments, but our chemo days are still near enough for us to remember how we felt.
Sending big hugs.
Poemsgalore xx

Hi Debs

Welcome on board and as already mentioned it is a great idea to join the July Junkies as I have found the friendly support/advice and general opportunity to say just how you are really feeling absolutely fantastic over the last nine months.

It is amazing that it is nine months since I had a diagnosis similar to yours although hormone positive so now on Tamoxifen for five years. I have to say though that although at times I did feel rough the whole thing has been very manageable indeed. I finished FEC-T chemo on May 8th and 5 weeks rads on 7th July. I have spent a lot of time over the last few weeks researching absolutely every aspect of my diagnosis/treatment and I am now really feeling positive about the future whatever it brings. In fact I would go so far as to say this strange episode in life has taught me an awful lot about myself.

I had some excellent words of advice from an eminent oncologist in Harley Street (I didn’t have private treatment but had one visit on the advice of a medical friend) who gave me all the statistics and told me to “embrace” all my treatment. And I really feel that doing that has made everything so much easier.

Good luck with all your treatment and enjoy meeting new people on the forum. It feels great to be out the other side and I will never forget what a big part everyone on here has played in that. This is a great place for support and all sorts of really interesting comments, advice and inspiration.
Gay x

Thank you for the welcome

It really is great to hear from people that have been there, done that and come out the other side. I have joined the Junkies and hope to be able to contribute as you lovely ladies have done.

Best wishes
Deb x