New member to this group

Hi everyone, 


i have been reading the posts on here for a week or so and finally got up the courage to join.  You are all totally inspiring. I had a recall from routine mammo at the beginning of May - DCIS confirmed on core biopsy. Had a WLE which went well, at follow up told that cancer cells seen.  Now awaiting SNB and then confirmation of treatment.  Reeling from news as everyone seems to have experienced. Gone from enjoying life to having this cloud hanging over me all the time. Some days fine, other days struggle. My biggest issue is I am desperate to keep this to a close group of friends -  has anyone else felt this?  


Sending you hugs aplenty - and yes, I’m a very private person on all sorts of levels, and literally a handful of people ‘know about me’ - and they are people I trust.  There are even members of the extended family who don’t know about my last year’s diagnosis and procedures/treatment ( I didn’t have chemo ), because I need to have that control?  And once you share what is either a secret, or just private business, you lose control over where the information might end up? And I don’t want my life discussed and debated by possibly complete strangers . . . . . but we’re all different, and no one size fits all, so go with what feels right for you.  You can always change your mind in time, can’t you?


Welcome to the forum - you’ll find the posts and threads you need as you go along - and don’t forget,  the forum never closes!  x