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Hello everyone, I seem to have been accepted as a member of the private group so I just wanted to say hi and thank you. I’m a newbie,diagnosed a few weeks ago with breast cancer with bone mets from the off and I’m 46. Still in utter shock and disbelieve but I’m still breathing, walking and talking - which I can’t quite believe. I must be tougher than I thought! It’s such a relief to find these forums - I felt so alone in all of this but I now realise that there are so many people living with this condition. I’m sorry, I never knew how tough so many people have it until now…and for me it hasn’t even started yet! Sending you all lots of love and best wishes xx

Hi Tiger,


Sorry you’ve had to join us but glad you’ve found us.


It is all so surreal at the beginning and you will probably go through loads of emotions but it does get better and you find your own way of dealing with things and start to live a new life, a new normal.


Use this site and you´ll not feel alone, there are many women here who will understand because we are going through the same. Lots of knowledge and care here.


There is also Live Chat, where we can ‘talk’  in real time. These take place on Tuesday evenings 8:30-9:30 and there is now a daytime session too but that has only just started and not yet off the ground properly, I think it’s Wed 1:30-2:30. I´m a regular Tuesday night. You have to register but can use the same details as your normal login.


Hope you have as stress free weekend as possible. Love Julie x

Hello Tiger , I am new here and not sure what I’m doing yet!!! I have 7 large liver mets after my first BC 20 years ago.I am like you I just feel it’s unreal like a.bad dream.Sending you big hugs xx

Hey Tiger & Debs,

I’ve not long joined either and I’m still reading up on the many threads on here, I have recurrence to neck shoulder chest nodes on the left side and on between my neck and shoulder on the right side. I was first diagnosed in 2011 with Tnbc and I was nearly five years clear, it is very scarey, but you will get heaps of support here. 

I struggle with pain management at the moment, but on Saturday when I was having my chemo the nurse suggested voltrol to massage in, and to be honest I’m not sure if I’m still high from steroids but it’s like a miracle it stopped almost all my pain in my neck and shoulder. Its still there but not as bad Iwade in the night and take oralmorph and that gets me back to sleep quite quickly. Anyhow I’ll stop ramberling and welcome to the forum.

Xx Blannaxx

Hi everyone, I just wanted to say thanks to you all for your words of support. I’m still struggling to accept my diagnosis and I’m still in denial so I can go a few days without looking at the forums before I feel brave enough to look, but I am reading your posts and they are helping - so a massive thanks for them. I’m sure that I’ll find my voice over the next few weeks. Love to you all xx

Hello Tiger14

Welcome to our forum as Julie says you will find lots of support on here and it is good to keep talking and reading different threads as you will see many ladies have the same as yourself and are doing quite well. Myself included I have bone mets in breast ribs back pelvis femurs and tibia also lots of skin mets I am now over 3&1/2 years and still going strong. My first tumour was back in 1996 the second causing all this trouble is on the chest wall and had shrunk on the last scan by a 1/3rd.

So although it may seem like all doon and gloom but you will feel better when you learn you are living with cancer not dying with it. 

Best wishes and lots of (((((((hugs)))))) xxx

How are you today Tiger? I have a week without scans etc so going away!First scans for chemo trial begin on 11 th Really fearful of the chemo starting as I can manage most things right now x

Hi Ladies

I am also new to this site and just trying to work out how the forum operates. I am still reeling from my diagnoses (primary bc 23rd March, secondary bc in bone 4 weeks ago), and haven’t really managed to get my head around my situation yet.  I feel as if I’m in a dream and this is not really happening to me. Think I’m going to find this forum a lifeline, already gaining so much info and advice from posts I’ve been reading. Sending many positive thoughts to you all.

Louise xx

Hiya Louise
Welcome …you will soon find your way around but I have mine set so that when anyone replies to a thread I posted on …I get a ping in my e mail box.
Getting the secondaries dx is the worse thing possible … the primary is so much easier to cope with. I was quite cool with that but devasted on the secondary dx …after 11 years.
Hugs xxx .

Hi everyone, I am newbie too. Diagnosed beginning of June with BC, then on my op day, it was cancelled due to fluid on my lung which turned out to be a secondary, still waiting bone scan (which I’m dreading because I’m frightened they’ll find more spread) and due to see oncologist 9th August. I’m 47 and feel like I’m in a nightmare. Every morning it hits me like a brick again. I keep on going and trying to be normal, but what’s normal anymore?? I hope this forum will help me get through. I hope, like everyone says, that I’ll feel better when my treatment starts, I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for one test or another. Like Tiger says, its so sad how many there are of us, I wish everyone well with their treatments and hope my gets going soon x

Hello Jules
It’s all very scary isn’t it ? I think we are all frightened of what lays ahead for us but we try to be positive and keep a bit of light hearted banter going …especially on the bone Mets thread on secondary cancer boards.
Sometimes it helps to visit us here as we understand what u r going through where as friends and family don’t really !!!
One of the worst things people say is " you look too well to have cancer" or " you don’t look like you are riddled with cancer"
What are we supposed to look like ?
It’s all done in innocence though and we learn to rise above it …enjoy a McDonalds or a bar of chocky …and say sod it !
Hugs xx

Hi Jules, welcome to the forum, your in a scarey place at the moment but believe me you will start to see light at the end of the tunnel! Once you have a treatment plan in place and you know exactly what’s going on things will settle down. Be kind to yourself and give yourself time to let it all sink in.
You will find lots of support and info on here and also a good old laugh…cancer doesn’t have to rule your life!! As Carolyn has said a lot of us hang out on the bones thread.
Hugs Janette xxxx

Hi Momo, 

You can find out more about todays live chatsession by watching this video.

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Before you join in you first need to register. You can do so here. Tonights session will take place from 8:30-9:30.

I hope this helps :) 



Hi just want you to know you not alone I have just been diagnosed with secondary in bones only finished treatment for bc in January, I think I in a nightmare not dream at present but feel lots better finding this site with other ladies in same situation for support, keep smiling Karen xx