New, Much Sooner App!!

New, Much Sooner App!!

New, Much Sooner App!! Hello. Just thought I’d let you know that my appointment has been changed. apparently it’s on the 5th march not the 5th May which is what the woman on the phone told me. I know I didn’t get the dates mixed up though because I thought it was strange I had to wait so long. Maybe they had an opening or something I dunno. My appointment could be upto 3 hours long, my mum is tagging along for support and according to the letter I got this morning all the tests will be done there and then and i’ll be given the results before I go home which is great. I’m a bit nervous now it’s only 5 weeks away but I’m relieved it’s no longer a week before my birthday I was depressed just thinking about that :frowning: My breasts are back to being painful to the touch so i’m definately going to try the primrose oil and the solpadiene, thanks to anyone who has suggested pain relief *Hugs* so how is everyone? Lol Philomena I thought those jokes were great but I didn’t have time to reply. I just popped on before I went to bed. Thanks x

Love Keri x

Hi Keri

I am glad that you are not having to wait as long for your appointment and are finding the forums supportive.
Please feel free to contact the helpline 0808 800 6000 or Ask the Nurse service if you have further queries.

Kind Regards
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