New nipple or not

Had my reconstruction March then reduction + uplift oct. all went well then 7 weeks after i got an abcess that burst and landed in hospital for 10 days on intravenous antibiotics came home went to clinic for check up and was addmitted again had a scan and a deep set abcess had to go to theatre that night came home xmas eve now having district nurses to pack it but all seem to be ok. but in January ive to go see the plastic surgeon re a nipple and i dont know what to do. Im scared if ive to have a cut of any more infections . all my ops have gone very smoothly and recovery very quick then i seem to get in fection + now this abcess. any ideas what they do for a nipple.

hI there I had my recon last Jan was due for a nipple in Septemeber but having trouble too lot of pain so postponed the op …now another lump has been detected under my arm on the recon breast so the whole lot may need to be reemoved depending on the nature of the lump .
I was having it sort of pinched and then tattooed on under local but dont think I am gonna bother ,.

hi johnson52…I was adamant that I was going to have a new nipple, come what may, after my op ( only 5 weeks ago, so early days), but once i saw my breast after the dressings came off, I started to think maybe i can live without one.My surgeon has given me a boob with a really lovely shape, so, yes, i could do without one…but I am told he makes fabulous nipples (and I can get to see some of his work, thanks to very courageous ladies who don’t mind modelling!), and i think in the end, I almost certainly WILL go for a new one, but not the tattooed areola.I am planning a different kind of tattoo, just need to find something I really love and I’ll have that installed instead!
I would havea really good talk with your surgeon, ask why they think you keep getting these infections and what the risks/benefits are…clearly, one of the benefits, if you want a nipple, is that it will make you feel ‘finished’,and hopefully, they will explain all the risks to you so you can make an informed choice.good luck with it all, I hope your abcess clears up quickly xx