New on here and waiting for diagnosis

I was recalled after my first mamanogram and they told me they think I have cancer. They took biopsies and get my results on wednesday. How do you cope with this news I have been in pieces ever since

Believe it or not the waiting for the results is the worst bit, mentally, I think and I know others do too. It’s like some kind of torture. Once you know one way or the other, and you have spoken to your oncologist, whilst it’s certainly not a relief to have the results the path you have to take is clearer. There’s not much I can say to help you get thro to Wednesday. Keep busy if you can. I know it is hard to find anything that takes your mind of it.

I had a good idea what my results would be as my Gynae gave me her honest opinion, so it wasn’t a complete shock, altho I hoped it would be different.

Once I had my results I just wanted the lump out and that happened quickly for me. Had to wait about 3 weeks to see the Onc but I wasn’t as anxious after that since I had a good idea from researching the net as to what would happen next.

As for coping with the news…I’m the sort of person who wants to know it all now and I used my desire for information as a distraction from the emotional reality of it at that point in time.

I hope the results are good and that it is nothing serious. I think you’ll find you will be stronger than you think you are.

Best wishes, let us know how you get on.


Just take it day by day gillf, that’s all you can do. I do understand, having been there, how difficult it is, but Wednesday will come soon enough. Its horrible sitting there waiting too, I remember saying to the nurse, its OK thanks I wont have coffee, I wont be here long enought to drink it as there is nothing wrong with me!. Two ops later and 1 week out of 5 of radiotherapy I know you can get thru anything they trow at you. Hang in there girl and if you want to talk at any time send me a pm.

Another person has written on a thread called “Anxious and mood swings”. It sounds as it you have a similar problem.

I was also diagnosed following my first mammogram and had to wait a week after the recall for the confirmation (though I was pretty certain what the result would be). I managed to stay strong most of the time, but did break down a couple of times. As others have said, this waiting is better. Once it was confirmed I was pretty calm and just wanted to get on with the treatment.
I am now 3 months on from diagnosis and feel I am coping well. Far better than I thought I would have.
Good luck on Wednesday. Take someone with you so they can listen to anything the consultant will tell you, as you may not take everything in straight away.


Thanks for your support, i know its not going to be easy but its good to know that there are other people I can talk to who have been ther already. I just feel dirty and need to get this sorted so that I can try to get back to normal