New Picture??

New Picture??

New Picture?? Can anyone tell me how to get rid of my profile pic its half a pic and not a good one as i have hardly any hair.
I am now much fatter but look slightly more normal with HIAR.


Hello Liverbird,

Yes, I agree the photo is not very flattering with you cut in half! Try going to edit my profile and see if you can download another picture, it may overwrite the existing one. Failing that, I have no ideas!

Hapy Easter,


pcture hi ruth,

go onto your personal profile at the top of the page,
click edit my profile.
you’ll be able to put a new picture on your profile in there.

hope that made sense to you.

kim [kimi from other side]

cant see edit profile though???

Personal Homepage Hello Liverbird,

You will find “edit profile” on your personal homepage - if you look at the top of the page - level with the Breast Cancer Care logo just above “click here to log out”.

I spent ages editing my picture before I tried to download it, it has to be quite small and ideally, you should be in the centre of the shot!

Good luck,