New Prayers thread, July 2010

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If anyone wants to post prayer requests - or thanks for answered prayer! - you can do so by replying below. (Just remember that this is a public forum… sometimes it’s best not to go into much detail)

We could have a new Prayers thread every month, starting with a link to the previous month’s thread. Anyone else think this is worth a try?

I’d definitely appreciate a new Prayers thread every month. I’m not a frequent visitor to the site, but I do log in when I’m feeling low. Knowing that there was some prayer support for and from the community would be very helpful.

At church recently we’ve been singing ‘Our God is a great big God’ with the children quite frequently and it has given me a lot of hope.

God bless all.


for me it is usually the simplest songs which are most encouraging.going through treatment and afterwards are times when erudite theologising and intellectual discussions are pretty much irrelevant.this is a song which I enjoy

I have a father
he calls me his own
he’ll never leave me
no matter where I go

he knows my name
he knows my every thought
he sees each tear that falls
and he hears me when I call

I have a maker
he formed my heart
before even time began
my life was in his hands

A prayer for Hazel RIP and her beautiful family x

I am a believer but sometimes think he has abandoned me through this crisis in my life.


I know what you mean,sometimes the pressure comes from other people too who tell us if we really have faith in God we will be victorious in everything,happy healthy and rich.
where I live it is common for people to believe that if you get sick it is because you have done something wrong.
they have never read the book of Job.God promises to be with us through everything,even if we don’t have an explanation of why things happen.I am hanging on by my fingernails.

It’s August now and I thought it better to stay with this thread as it’s still only one page.
Thanks to those who have posted :slight_smile:

If you can, join me in giving thanks for God’s faithfulness to me. I’ve now been living with cancer/mets for 4 years - and just now I am feeling very well physically… so thankful for those who pray (and it’s not all been rosy, I had a big faith-wobbly last autumn when a new treatment didn’t work at all) and for the monitoring and care from my hospital team.

prayer is certainly a powerful thing. just knowing that friend’s, family and even stranger’s are praying for me at this truly horrible time give’s me great strength and comfort. i in turn am praying for everyone on this forum and all those who have’nt found this excellent site yet.
love to all
lolita x

I’ve just found this thread and think it’s a great idea. I recently underwent a full node clearance and many of my friends were praying for me. On the day I really felt God’s presence. I would welcome your prayers on Thursday especially as that is when I go for my results and future treatment plan. I just want to be able to accept the treatment that is suggested knowing that it is God’s plan for me. I am finding it very difficult atm to understand what the future holds for me and am relying heavily on my faith that ultimately God has a reason for everything even it it is not clear atm.

God bless you all

E x

God has been my strength along this difficult journey

prayers for Sandra… and all who are going through this tough journey.


Looking_Lovely, my bible tells me that God is with us in the good times and the bad - it never says anywyere that we will be exempt from suffering - indeed God Himself suffered on the cross.  I’m so sorry you’ve been fed such triumpalistic nonsense…   Hanging on by your fingernails/tips is perfectly normal and OK.  Someone started a sermon the other week with “what’s the opposite of faith”?  and the answer?  “Certainty!”  so true…


Not sure why I’ve not seen this thread before, but I’m glad to have found it now.  Having been through the mill 2 years ago, and come out the other side (somewhat different), I’m VERY happy to pray…  I was so blessed and supported by all those praying for me…


Hang on in there ladies! 

Looks like this thread has been dormant for the greater part of three years!


Just want to echo what GIJaneH says, she’s a wise woman that Jane.


Lots of people of faith/faiths  on these forums/fora and good to be able to support one another in this way as well as others.

Prayers for Sandra - I’m lost for words xxxx

I wish to reiterate what others have said - please pray for Sandra, now facing an unexpected diagnosis.

I’d like to add my prayers for Sandra to everyone else’s, good news no matter big or small helps so much. I’m not a jumpy, shouty in your face person but I can testify that prayer is a powerful weapon. X

Please pray for us May Moonbeams as we mourn the passing of our dear friend Karen (Jessiebearsmummy).  She was among the youngest of us but suddenly developed secondaries and had the terminal diagnosis only a month before she died. Her service was this past Tuesday 4 March when 100 pink balloons were let loose!


All of us rather down at the moment. Praying for her family and for all of us with BC. This is a tricky disease.  Father thank you for the life of our friend and help us to see the glories of your Heavenly Kingdom.  Help us to understand the long view and where you are coming from.  Jesus stay with us. Amen.