New primary diagnosis - 7 months after treatment finished

Hi all, to say I’m schocked and stunned to be having to go through this again less than a year after my treatment finished is an understatement. I am 30, and had a lumpectomy, chemo and radiotherapy last year. Just found out last week that the new lump they ‘presumed was an extreme reaction to radiotherapy’ is actually a new cancer. What I don’t know though is how they will check if it’s spread, given that I had a complete lymph node clearance last time. Anyone have any clues??

Hi francescap, So sorry to read about your new dx. I have secondaries in my liver and spine and the way they checked was to do scans so I’m assuming they will do the same for you. Possibly MRI and CT etc. I had a mastectomy originally and it took 18 years for mine to come back, so with a bit of luck yours will be localised too. If the lump is in the same breast they should offer you a mastectomy and hopefully once all the treatment is over, you’ll be free of it. I know a mastectomy is a horrid thought, but if it saves your life it’s worth it. I will be thinking of you and sending you loads of hugs and love. Please let us know how you get on, there’s always loads of support from the lovely ladies on here. Lots of love, Dianne x x x


I think the standard protocol would be a nuclear bone scan to check the bones and a CT scan for soft tissue, organs etc. These are both quite straightforward and quick. I think an MRI would only be used to have a closer look should anything be found - but that is just my experience and I know different areas have different protocols. This must be an incredibly worrying time for you, and I hope they manage to get this done as quickly as possible. As Dianne said, as your lump has been found quickly and there are no lymph nodes to help the cancer spread, I hope they will find it is localised. In any case, a horrid shock so soon after treatment, and you must be devastated to be going back into treatment so soon. Were you having hormone therapy?

Hi there - no, I’m triple negative. To top it all off, I’ve just discovered today that I’m also BRCA1. I had the test a few months ago following my first diagnosis and, coincidentally, I was due to get the results Friday. They’ve just sped everything up, and I heard this morning. So it’s double mastectomy for sure now. Shiiiiiiiiiiit.

im really sorry to read your news, ive also been reading your other thread, im sorry if this is really insensitive but when you first saw your surgeon and he stuck a needle in it, was cancer ever mentioned, its just that you seem to be one step ahead of me in a similiar path that im on, and i dont know how worried to be! i hope you dont mind me asking you

One thing I’ve learnt is not to go on anyone else’s experience so please don’t read too much into whatever I or anyone else says. My surgeon said it was highly unlikely to be cancer again but it was a possibility. I now know the reason this for this is the BRCA thing, which is seriously rare and it all make sense now. But good luck, I hope your results are good ones. If you’ve had all the treatment, then you know you’ve done everything you can.

hello again. Im nearly 3 years post original dx, triple neg, had wle, etc anyway went for routine check up a couple of weeks ago, surgeon found a lump, did a fna there and then arranged a mamo and ultrasound, went for ultrasound a few days later, ifferent doc said there was nothing there, following week went to see surgeon for results of fna, he seemed “anxious” said there was definitely a lump and although fna was “no cancerous” cells he needed to do several core biopsies, im now waiting for the results of that

Chances are you will be fine - please don’t let my experience freak you out! All I can say is good luck, and IF there is anything nasty there then they’re do everything they can to sort you out. If not, you’re laughing :slight_smile: Take care, keep me posted x