New primary or problem with implant

Hi I had a wle in May 2013 on my right breast for   6 mm stage 1   tumour, had clear margins and snb was also clear. Had 15  sessions of RT and am on tamoxifen for 5 years. Last month I found 2 lumps in my left breast ( which has an implant) I thought one was a ripple on the implant, it feels quite big but not really hard, but the other one is hard and the size of a pea. 


I’ve had a mammogram & ultrasound & have been told the lumps need to be removed as they didn’t like the look of them. I am hoping that it is just cysts that have developed in reaction to the implant or scar tissue. Do any of you ladies have any experience of this or is it possible for a primary to occur in the good breast so soon after treatment has finished on the other side. I’m trying to think positively but my head is all over the place. 


Hugs to you all x

Hi Fresia

It’s unusual for cysts to look like anything other cysts. But could perhaps be something like a fibroadenoma which is another type of benign lump. Fingers crossed it’s something like that.

In respect of a new cancer although it’s unusual to have a new primary in the other side it’s not impossible. Tamoxifen helps reduce the risk of developing new cancers and of recurrence if the one you have but it reduces the risk but doesn’t negate the risk.

Breast cancer only occurs in both breasts in a small number cases… Only 5%. Unless you have a gene mutation in the brca1 or 2 gene where it’s higher but you would normally have a number of breast and ovarian cancers in the family if this were the case.

Keeping my fingers crossed it turns out to be something benign.

Hugs Lulu xx

Hi Fresia
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Take care
Lucy BCC