New reconstructed boob v saggy baggy one

I have just had a mastectomy on 20th aug with DIEP flap and reconstruction. I was told in a couple of months I may need liposuction to reduce my new boob to match the other one. My children have said when are they going to fix the saggy baggy one, and wondered if anyone has gone to follow up appointment and been given the opportunity to improve the original remaining breast???

Hi Will668,
Yes I had a reduction and uplift on the non mastectomy side, and I think I’ve read on here a post by someone who had an implant as well.
I didn’t have it done straight away though as I wanted the recon side to settle down first, so as to get a better match.
Wishing you all the best with this

Fab thanks. There is hope.

 Hi there,


Yes I have had my “normal” boob worked on. My reconstruction was a very difficult igap which just didn’t match my other boob so I’ve had a lot of work done to both since the original surgery. My “normal” boob now has a small implant in it and also been lifted. It has taken a long time & numerous operations but I am finally getting there. One more “tweak” & I think I will be there :slight_smile:


Love Sheila x

Crikey, it sounds like it’s taken a lot to get it that way Shelia. I was hoping they could just take some of my fat and fill my normal boob up!! Ha ha. Dreaming more like.