New recurrence - Help!

Hi everyone,

I’ve not finished my treatment for my diagnosis of bc and it’s already recurred on my mx scar. I’ve had chemo and rads and I’m just over half way with Herceptin. I had a staging CT on wednesday. Best case would be that this is just a local thing and my chest wall will need to more surgery. Worst case would obviously be that I’ve been advnacing in other areas whilst on treatment.

I’ll find out next wednesday what’s in store for me, but the thing that’s really getting to me is that may life has to go on hold again. Just as things start getting back to ‘normal’ this happens. I haven’t told my mum yet. I’m wating until I get my scan results. I don’t know how I am going to tell her and I don’t know how I’m going to face all those sympathetic head tilts all over again.

I’d just love for someone who’s been where I am and tell me how they got on…


Hi Annie81

Just saw your post and don’t have any brilliant words of wisdom, just that we’re here. Iv’e had BC twice and know where you are and can only say take each day as it comes.

I had the same worries, and my mum turned out to be so strong - still is now three years on from second diagnosis, 14 years from first.

Hope Wednesday proves this is local for you.


Will be thinking of you on Wednesday Annie

Shenagh xx

hello Annie
sh*t I’m so sorry this has come back so quickly.
like Anne, I’m an old-timer (13 years and 1 year) but remember you from my early days second time around. Its tough, second time, and I hope that you soon get decent results - I’ll be coming on to check out how you’re doing and sending positive thoughts your way.
much love
monica xxx

Hi Annie,
Life is so unfair isn’t it. I’m nearly half was through my 2nd lot. (2003 and 2010)
I wish you all the very best. My thoughts are with you for Wednesday.
Hugs Maria

Hi Annie

Mine spread to my liver 5 months into treatment for primary xxx

just been told now, 8 treatments later it’s practically gone

I guess you just have to see what they suggest and do what u can to be as healthy as poss. Xx

Hi Annie

Sorry it’s happening to you too. I have a regional recurrence in my lymph nodes after 5.5yrs.

Am also waiting on scans, although not terribly extensive ones as I’m pregnant (also have a two year old).

I get the scan results on Tuesday and on Weds, I’m seeing an obstetrician to discuss treatment during pregnancy (or abortion). So I’ll be crossing my fingers for both of us until then.

Good luck with the results and hope to speak later in the week. xxxx

Hi Annie,

not sure where to start but you asked for anyone who’s been where you are to tell you how they got on! The story is too long and complicated to go into too much detail but I had no surgery first time round cos after chemo & rads the 5cm tumour disappeared. Came back 6 yrs later - had mastectomy and no further treatment. Came back again on mastectomy scar line 6mths later. I know you didn’t complete the course of chemo before but went straight on to surgery as the lump started growing again. I wonder if like mine they didnt get it all away with the mastectomy and some cells remained near the surface. I had major surgery then cos my skin was as tough as leather as I had had 35 sessions of rads to it so they couldnt just excise the spots and skin around them. Mine like yours was quite aggressive but this took place between 1990-1997 before herceptin. It was only after another tumour in the other breast and secondaries in 2002 that they found mine had been her2+++ and I have been on herceptin since and o.k. I don’t know how helpful it is telling you all this but if you want to know any more do feel free to pm me.


Everyone is so inspirational! I truely feel like I can cope with whatever my results will be on Wednesday. Please Jane, let me know how you too get on. I have a two and a half year old and a 7 year old. We went camping with my sister and her family this weekend and my 7 year old turned to my sister and said “My Mummy’s cancer’s come back.” My sister asked “Do you know what that means?” he replied “Yeah, it means she gets a week off work”. Kids always keep it real.

The illness and treatment aspect doesn’t phase me as much as the thought that I should be changing my life. Moving to the country, opening my own cafe business etc etc. Does anyone else ever feel like that?


Hey everyone! I’ve got my results and it appears that I now have spread to my spine. I’ll have an MRI scan next week to find out how extensive these mets, but I think they’re going to be treated with capecitabine and lapatinib. I’ve been reading some of the threads on these drugs and at least they seem to work.

Thank you everyone for all your wonderful support.

Jane72, I’d really love to hear how you got on.


Hi Annie

So sorry to hear that it has spread. Hope the drug treatment works really well for you. There are a few ladies on here with bone mets. I am sure they will be in touch soon. dx

Hi Annie,
Sorry to hear its gone further. Yesterday I met a lady who’s first diagnosis was in 1996 when she was 7 months pregnant. She had mx et chemo etc when her baby was 3 months old. She has had bone problems since then, but she is still very much alive and kicking. She was in for her 3 monthly bone treatment (zometa, I think) while I was having my 3rd fec.
All the very best to you, I am glad you are so positive about things,.
Hugs Maria

hi i had a local reccurance while still on herceptin i had three left to go, i did have to cancel my holiday because of this, at the time my surgeon said that i will have to chemo more treatment, i had these four dodules removed on my reconstruction boob and the silicone taken out, but it turned out in the end that some cells got left behide from my oringinal dx last sept my ct was clear and i did not need anymore treatment after after all i am now cancer free and hoping for to stay that way. good luck with everything and a merry christmas to you and your family x x