New secondary diagnosis liver mets (also pleural effusion and bone mets)

Hi everyone I was diagnosed with ER+ BC in 2007 with 1 lymph node affected. Had mast, chemo, rads & tamoxifen. Was fine for 5 years. Then diagnosed in 2012 with bone mets (sternum and lower spine). Had ovaries removed and started on arimidex and bisphosphonates. Was diagnosed April this year (2014) with a malignant pleural effusion which has remained stable. I have just been diagnosed with 6 tumours in my liver a couple of wks ago. Just had my first chemo (taxotere) which I had back in 2007 as well. I am frightened but realistic (as much I can be!). It’s so good to read the positive stories on the forum. I can’t seem to find much on the forum regarding the pleural effusion. Any support would be appreciated and of course I wish everyone all the very best with this nightmare of a disease. Thank you x

Hi,kitkat,so sorry,about your latest diagnoses . I’ve just been diagnosed with liver & lung mets a few days ago after being diagnosed last June with primary & bone mets.
I’m sorry I can’t give you much help as I’m relatively still in the dark about mine until I see onc and get a treatment.
It’s a very scary time and we all understand we all feel like that. We are a very friendly bunch on here that tend to hang out on the bone mets threads regardless of mets.
We are all here for you so if you need advice,chat,scream,cry or a hug (which we are great at) the lovely ladies really picked me up when I was down.
Hopefully someone will be along with more information for you soon. I just wanted to let you know your not alone.
Sending you huge hugs,Helen xxxxxxxxxx

Hi kittycat

I am sorry to read your news, along with the support here our helpliners are on hand with practical and emotional support for you so please feel free to call, lines are open weekdays 9-5 and Saturday 10-2 on 0808 800 6000

Here’s the link to the BCC secondary support and information in case you hadn’t seen it:

Take care
Lucy BCC

Hi Claire you’ll get lots of support and encouragement here. I’m newly dx in May this year with lung mets…terrifying at first but the lovely ladies here will always help you when you need them. I’m sure I’ve seen someone on here with pleural mets.
Good luck at Christies next week. I’m sure they’ll have a suitable treatment for you.
Love and hugs coming your way ?
Bev xxxxxx

Yes we all learn so much on this dreadful journey. Its funny how all mine have been on the right side. Lumpectomy for Triple neg bc in 2005 but no node involvement. Excellent margins too. A new primary this time er+ in same spot under lumpectomy scar in 2009! Mastectomy and I requested all lymph nodes removed for peace of mind too but again they were all clear! Given an exc prognosis at this time. 94% chance of surviving 10 yrs disease free.
Then this bombshell…again in right lung. Its as if it had nowhere else to go so went to next nearest organ! Hope we can all be of some help to you on here and let us know how you get on at Christies.
Love bev xxxx

Hi Kittycat I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1999 had mastectomy no node involvement,no radiation,no chemo was told it was caught early so should be ok.I continued having yearly check ups as I was only 38 at the time and everything was ok till July 2011 when a tumour was found in my lymph glands on the same side,so total axillary clearance followed by chemo,radiotherapy then letrozole.Things were fine till March this year when it returned in my chest lymph nodes so was put on a clinical trial,at my 12 week scan it had shown tumours in my liver and in my spine so really upset at this point.I have now been put on capecitibine and have just finished my first cycle and will get scanned after the third to see if there is any improvement.I am trying my best to remain positive but it’s hard.It is good to see all the positve stories on here and that gives me hope.I wish you the very best with your treatment and hope it kicks this disease into touch for you and everyone who is fighting this.

Love Bertie x

Hi bertie…it must have been devastating for you to get a secondary dx so long after your primary!
But they say that the longer period of time in between the 2 the better for our survival time.
Good to hear you’re joining the Cape Club!
My CT results are on Wednesday…first ones since finishing 3rd cycle last week so must keep positive till then ?
Good luck with your treatment. I find Cape really manageable.
Love bev xxxx

Hi Bev it was devastating hearing this news after so many years really thought it had been kicked into touch.I hope the cape works as well for me as it has for many people on here.I am in the same position as you getting scanned after my third cycle so trying to keep positive till then.Good luck with your scan on Wednesday hope your results are good.
Love Bertie xx

Hi Kittycat it was n awful shock as when originally diagnosed was small lump 1cm grade 1 no nodes involved but widespread dcis therefore mastectomy ,told by doctor even though er positve no need for any further treatment ,so after 12 years really thought I had beaten it .This disease sucks and I find it hard dealing with chemo as even though I have these mets I still felt well and you know when you start chemo that you are going to feel like crap sometimes.However have to remain strong and keep going and get on with life otherwise this disease will have won.Good luck with your treatment and scan ,hope the chemo is working for you.

Take care and hugs to you xx