new site

Hi sorry but i do not like the new site, it is only my first time on but where is the section for after treatment ends?

Also not so easy to find out info or read general discussions

sarah i dont either lainey x

This is terrible - where is after treatment?
Admin - why mend something thats not broke?

Am finding it very difficult to work my way around the new site. Before it was so easy to see ALL the new posts and then select the ones I wanted to read. Now I can’t seem to see what’s new and what’s old. Also I don’t want to read by sections and headings - I just want to see what’s come in new and post or not.




What a shame …nowhere near as good as the last user friendly site!

hate it - if id come to this first time i probably would have gone elsewhere!!!

Sorry, this is farewell I don’t like this site either. I will resort to good old e mail to contact the Maidstone gang in future.

Ok, I DIDN’T like the way the old site was laid out, and found it difficult to find posts,e ct to the point that people think i was ignoring them, because I simply couldn’t find them again! BUT, I don’t like this one either…it’s just too messy and I’d like to see amore ‘traditional’ layout.Sorry, I WILL stay on though, because you ladies are fab at helping sort out my worries…I’d just like things to be a bit easier on my brain

hi Narnia…do a search

First FEC 2nd October

you will find us

then bookmark the discussion

If not PM one of use and we will help you

Don’t leave us!

There’s a load of features I really do like so I’ll stick around but it takes a few weeks to get used to this level of change. It’s amazing how much you just get used to in an interface and design.

I’ll still never like pink but my OH has pointed out that the absolute inverse is matrix green which is really easy on the eye so I’m making my own stylesheet :slight_smile:

Give it a week ladies, make notes and then give them the feedback.

Back to housemoving for me.


PS: Well done on the migration team, you can get some sleep now. Thanks.

Me again, sorry Bertie, you must be getting fed up…

I really do like:

The new profiles.

The contacts facility.

The legibility of the new posts.

Being able to upload a pic.


…As someone else has mentioned, before I too felt we were in a big room, altogether, but in groups, chatting and it was easy to 'mingle’and join in a new topic which had caught our eye. It was also easy for any ‘passing trade’ to have a look at us and get a feel for what we were like.

Now it seems as tho’ we are wandering around corridors searching for each other. I can see some subforum topics withering away simply because no-one realised they were there.

In the old forum, I not only had my favourite threads, but also favourite posters, too (JaneRA, peacock, and dippykate, to name but three of many). How do I find out where they have been posting recently?

Finally, there’s only so much pc activity my stuffed-up arms are capable of, and one of the beauties of the old site was that it did not demand too much scrolling and clicking of me. I can really feel the difference now - and I need to use the computer for other tasks as well as this forum. I can mouse with either hand but I’m still finding it tiring and painful.

Hope you can resolve these problems - I’ve every confidence in you!



Some things of the new site are difficult to work around, but we will probably get used to it eventually.

I like to click on something like “latest discussions since last visited” so that I can read new comments without having to go through all the threads. I haven’t had a chance to really go through this new site yet so won’t comment on whether I like it or not.

I’ll keep posting where I can, I won’t disappear

and hi to anyone who I normally chat with hope you are ok ??

just logged on and I like the list of forums added to the blank white space. A step in the right direction.
Thanks Debsxxx

I’m another who really misses the most recent discussions being listed and hope they’ll be back soon.

I’ll keep an open mind for a while but have to say that at this point I much preferred the old site and as others have said ‘if it aint broke…’.

hi can somebody tell how to enter chat room 9pm thurs ta sue

Hi Susyh,

Sorry for the delay in replying. Unfortunately because of the setting up of the new site ‘live chat’ has had to be cancelled tonight.

Jo, Facilitator

boo hoo. i was desperate to get on live chat tonight. just found out from suzy it has been cancelled, did nt know where to find this info on site can you tell me where i should look in future please.