New - starting on Fec-T plus herceptin

I had a mastectomy and expander implant 3 weeks ago and am ER- PR- Her+ with 1 sentinel node macromets and no axillary spread.

I start chemo end Feb. 3 cycles of FEC then 3 cycles of Taxotere plus herceptin then just herceptn for 6-12 months. And a PICC line. Permanent implant will be done when all this is over, whenever that is!

As a new girl (well 61 really!), can anyone share their experiences of this specific regime?Or is anyone just about to go through it?

I’m suffering from information overload at the moment with conflicting advice about side effects, tricks and tips etc. I know everyone’s different but I really want to get through this with my sanity intact.

Hi Lanylass

I too had FEC-T and herceptin …now on 14th Herceptin


As you said this journey is yours and your journey will be different to anyone else


If I can offer reassurance…throughout I was able to cook the meals, go shopping …albeit a little slower. I found at times it felt as though someone had pulled my plug out and the electricity stopped…


On the FEC …I would feel under the weather for the first 4-5 days before I felt normal again ( not bad…just exhausted), I found the T a little tougher and it would take about 7 days to recover and feel normal again.


I also had injections to raise white blood count for 7 days each cycle…some ladies have shorter course

I didn’t have any problems with the white blood cell injections


The herceptin I have sub cut…and no propblems… I am also on anastrazole …so not sure which one gives me some bone ache…but nothing 2 paracetamol doesn’t stop


I suffered with indigestion on the T… GP prescribed omeprazole and stopped it straight away

As soon as you have a symptom (like indigestion, sore mouth or constipation etc) get something from your GP


I always spiked a temperature on day 4…frustrating because I had to go and have blood checks… but nothing ever found…was just obviously my body


I know it is scary…but you will get through it…


I also had zopiclone to help me drift off to sleep…as my mind was always racing…


On the herceptin you will have 3 monthly heart echos… nothing  to worry about…just like when they use ultrasound for babies etc…


I hope this helps relieve your anxiety a little


I wish you well

Donna xx