New to breast cancer

Hi, I am new to forums and new to breast cancer. I first found my lump back in January but my GP said that it was nothing to worry about and to come back in 3 months. I stupidly put it off and didn’t go back to my GP until June. Everyone at the breast clinic kept saying that it was probably nothing as I am only 33, an athlete and have no family history. After god knows how many scans, biopsies and surgery to remove what I presumed would be a benign lump I was finally diagnosed with BC on 11 August. Unfortunately it turned out to be a stage 3 invasive mucinous carcinoma with DCIS. I am still feeling completely overwhelmed and shell shocked. I had a wider local excision last week and sentinel node biopsy and am waiting for the results. I haven’t broken down in tears yet though and am wondering whether I am just in denial, shock or whether this is normal?

Hi Lizzy

Firstly, welcome to the forums, I am sure some of the other users will be a long soon to support you.

I’m sorry to read of your diagnosis, the first few weeks are always difficult when coming to terms with things and getting to grips with your treatment plans, etc.

I’ve given here the link to our Resource Pack for those people newly diagnosed. The pack is filled with information to help you better understand your diagnosis, test results and the various treatments available. … tionId/82/

Also, do give the helpline a ring if you need any further support or information. They’re on 0808 800 6000. Open 9-5 Monday to Friday and 9-2 Saturday.

Best wishes Sam, BCC Facilitator

Hello Lizzy, so sorry you have to join us :frowning: I’m a grade 3 girl too - lots of us on this site.

What is a normal response in all this? Whatever is right for you is right, whatever response you have is natural and normal.

I’m somewhat older than you though still offically ‘young’ in bc terms and also fit (evidently ‘very fit’) healthy blah blah blah. Cancer has no prejudices and no favourites, it just strikes where it will when it feels like it - my onc stressed that most cancer is ‘random’.

I am still waiting for the reality to fully sink in a year down the line, I have never had the floods of tears or bouts of anger etc, but it’s not denial it’s just the way I’m wired. For other people other reactions are just as valid.

One (of the many) things I’ve learned over the last year is to be a little more gnetle with myself and to accept I react the way I do because I’m me.

I don’t think you’re in denial, just totally shell-shocked - and why wouldn’t you be?

You can, and will, get through this - however it turns out.

Sending you a cyber-hug because we can all use them.

Hi Lizzie,
So sorry you find yourself in this situation, along with so many other lovely folks on this site, which gives us all fantastic support and understanding from each other.
Like yourself I have been recently diagnosed with BC,had surgery, and am currently waiting for results (7th Sept) to see if it has spread to the lymph. Also,I, like yourself have not shed a tear so far. Maybe because my 20 year old daughter insisted on being there when I got my initial biopsy results,… and when I told my 21 year old son who broke down (he lost his closest friend to lieukemia last year), I had to be strong again.My way of dealing with this is to read many of the threads on here which contain some brilliant info that the NHS seem to omit to tell you, ( like for example prescription exemption for 5 years).To me the more knowledge and understanding I have of this situation the stronger I feel about it.However everyone is different and that’s what this site is about, there is always someone around on here to give you a cyberhug if you just want to rant or moan or cry.
Wishing you all the best with your treatment with love and a hug, Jude

hi Lizzy,

I found my lump in May, had it out in june and am just on my last week of radiotherapy. So far i have not cried once, very odd. I went into this little bubble as if i was walking round in a different dimension to everyone else. It was surreal. It was a form of denial but not self induced, just the way I am made. I still thought about it 24/7.

My mind eventually sorted itself out and i now have long periods where life is back to normal and I no longer feel as if I have been hit by a sledge hammer and I would think once i stop going to the hospital every day it will fade away.

There are so many different ways our brains react and everyone of them is normal. It is still bound to be a huge shock. Once you get your results and the treatment is planned you should start to come back down to earth. Until then take care of yourself, dont try to worry about how you feel and please come back and tell us how you are getting on.

Hi Lizzie,

Sorry to hear you have to join us - but you’re in the right place for support and advice.

I’m 33 too and was diagnosed at the end of May. I’m currently 6 of 8 treatments through chemo and then have surgery and then rads (and then Herceptin and Tamoxifen!). There are lots of us girls in their 20s and 30s on the forum - and you’d be shocked at the number of misdiagnoses and number of times young women were sent away because of their age. I also went on a BCC Younger Women’s Forum that held seminars from everything including infertility, menopausal symptoms, body image, coping strategies, reconstruction, diet, exercise, different treatments etc etc. The most useful element for me, however, was meeting similar aged girls in the same boat. Although I have great friends - they don’t really understand, so I have certainly felt less isolated ever since and have kept in touch with a few who I see regularly. I would highly recommend it. Where are you based?

Cancer is scary. BUT from what I’ve read mucinous IDC is one of the easiest forms to treat. So that’s good news. You will feel more in control once you hear back about your lymph nodes and have a clear plan of action from your oncologist and a treatment plan.

With regards crying - everyone reacts differently. I was a mess at the beginning. But much more positive now, despite my onc being very pessimistic!

Let us know how you get on and if you have any questions at all.


Forgive me ive lurked at little but this is my first post. Big hug to all going through this, it seems there is a lot of support and love on here.

I was diagnosed with BC Tues 16th august. I had some tearful dark days and telling family n friends was just so hard but ive just about got to grips with it in my head and trying to remain strong and positive.

I am scheduled for a lumpectomy on thursday morning, my tumour is in my left breast and is quite small 1.8x1.5mm and am told it has been caught quite early and lymph nodes are not involved so a few positives to focus on but still upsetting all the same.

I have my pre op this afternoon and was wondering what to expect, not really been told much and tried to get hold of my breastcare nurse but wasnt able to (admittedly i only tried a couple of times so not really her fault) Could any of you lovely ladies advise what to expect. Also ive been told i am having a dye/tracer injected to find the first few lymph nodes to take them out as an extra precaution, when will this get put in, it says in the book up 5-6 hours before, my surgery admission is 7.30 tomorrow morning does this mean i will be injected then have to wait around for hours or will they do it today at pre op?

Any help would be appreciated x

Hello Clare37

Welcome to the forums, you’ve come to the right place for support as the users of this site have a wealth of experience and knowledge between them.

Whilst waiting for replies you may find it useful to contact our free helpline on 0808 800 6000, opening hours are Monday to Friday 9.00 – 5.00 and Saturday 9.00 – 2.00.

Best wishes
June, moderator

hello claire… sorry 2 hear your now a member of our gang… the one no one wants to join, but we are all there for eachother …well your pre op… dont worry its routine… blood tests weight etc. nothing at all to worry about… tomorrow , you will be admitted to the ward then you will be taken to nuclear medicine, where they will give you a small injection in to the nipple,this is radioactive material, dont worry you wont start glowing green … this is done because the blue dye they inject during surgery had to travel in to your lymph glands under your arm and the radioactive stuff leads the way… after about 45 mins you will be put on a type of mri machine, this is to check that your glands are now radioactive in preperation for the dye… it sounds like your having a sentinal node biopsy… if so when your asleep they will remove any glands that turn blue… in my case it was the sentinal node pluss 3 others… they will also remove any offending tissue in the breast at the same time… bit uncomfortable afterwards, but not agony , and i went home the same evening… hope this explains everything… try not to worry you will be just fine xxx angie

hi Claire
I think you probably mean grade 3, not stage 3 (grade is type of cells, stage is more complex and they don’t know this till they have sorted out nodes)
I am a grade 3/stage 2 person, and still around 7 years post diagnosis - there are lost of other long terms survivors on this forum.
All the best, and keep posting.

Thanks for all your kind words of support.It is so reassuring to know that I am not alone. Whilst my husband and friends and family are being very supportive it is great to have the opportunity to speak to ladies who are on the same emotional rollercoaster.

I think I will feel much better when I get the lymph results and the results of last week’s WLE and get a treatment plan. However there has been so much information to take in over the last few weeks and I keep asking the same questions over again.

Claire, good luck with your surgery. Mine was on the 23 August despite looking a bit blue for a few hours (that’s the dye they inject and it does fade pretty quick) and being a bit sore it was ok.

Big Hugs

my injections done after I was asleep. And so’s you don’t worry, I’m still faintly blue around my eight weeks later. Apparently some folks lose the blue dye quickly, others it can take months. And you’ll probably find you have some pretty bruising. But it wasn’t very painful.

Hi all

Thanks for the replys. I had my surgery yesterday and it wasnt as bad as i expected, im a little tender on my left side but not in much pain really. I do feel like i have a small balloon under my arm which i assume is just swelling, hoping this is normal?

hello… glad your operation is over, i was a little swollen for a few days after surgery, but if its not gone down over the weekend get your doctor to have a look just to make sure everythings settling properly… xx

I too, had a bit of a wait like you and also have not cried yet. I sometimes think that in a way I have had so long to prepare myself that it took away the edge. Told since May 2nd it would be nothing only to be told Aug 11th it was.
I almost feel detached from it? yet i know if it was my son or husband I would be a devastated, quivering wreck! Quite bizarre, but i know where you are coming from.
Good luck with it all. Be thinking of you. I had my SN surgery and wide local excision on Wed 31st, waiting til 8th Sept now…tick tock… lol.
Take care xx