New to chemo

Hi there, I’ve just had my sentinel lymph nodes removed in surgery, recovering at moment. Chemo due to start in 2 weeks (after the result of my surgery). I’m going back to work in between for a few days, but does anyone know how much time you normally need to take off work during the chemo? I guess you have to take off the first day or two for each chemo session and then see how you feel? My manager is very supportive luckily, but I have a feeling its going to be difficult to know when I’m well enough to go to work and quite hard to plan anything generally. Also, we have flights booked to Sweden at the end of August, does anyone know if there are strict rules about flying whilst having chemotherapy?

Would check re flying with oncologist, I did surgery first, then pushed chemo back by a couple of weeks to get holiday in before. My oncologist seemed happier with that than being away during treatment. But I get impression you can do what you can cope with, good luck, I start in June for chemo, and will be trying to work too!

Hi, I was told not to fly during chemo at all but worth checking with your Oncologist as they all seem to work slightly differently. Good luck with chemo, having just had first cycle last Thursday am just finding I have to just listen to my body and rest when it tells me to, not something I do normally!! As to the rest of the s/es it’s a case of working through them. Let us know how you get on and take care xx

Thanks, you too for wed. Good plan on big holiday next year, got to have good stuff to look forward to x