New to forum, awaiting biopsy results

Good morning everyone!

Just saying hello as I await my biopsy results (due next week).  Had the full experience of finding dimpling, GP, Breast Clinic with mammogram x 2, ultrasound and biopsy on Monday.  Bit of a shock, always had lumpy boobs but husband and friends insisted I check out the dimpling.  Wasn’t expecting to find anything.  Bit of a wobble whilst the biopsy was being taken, but I’m not a worrier usually so taking things in my stride (at the moment).

I was also diagnosed some 6 years ago with a blood cancer (not terminal) so have gone through tests, bone marrow biopsies etc in the past and now live with the fact I’m on chemo drugs daily for the rest of my life. 

I dont want these things or diagnoses to define me!  I am a counsellor/hypnotherapist by profession, just need to give myself my own advice!!

Thanks for listening. xxx


The waiting is the worst isn’t it. Life goes on as normal around you, yet you have this ‘thing’ constantly in your mind.

Once you get your results you can then move forward.

Did they indicate that they thought it was cancer at your first appointment? They told me they were pretty sure. 
Lou x

Hi Jane

That week of waiting for the biopsy results was definitely the worst so far. Remember it so clearly - my first appointment in breast clinic was 21st of June. 
This forum was a lifesaver - sharing all my fears with complete strangers and reading their stories was truly comforting.

My consultant told me it was going to be a very long week and to be kind to myself. Brilliant advice. And he said “we don’t know what we’re dealing with until we KNOW what we’re dealing with” and that’s so very true. 
I share that with you and send positive vibes - and a big hug! xx

Morning, so I had my diagnosis yesterday.

I do have a primary cancer, only one lump, not spread.  I have a triple positive to the hormone receptors so treatment will be aggressive chemo first, then surgery then radio. Reeling a bit this morning but will process and move forward.  Meet with the oncologist monday week.