new to site - looking for inspiration

to polly
thats amazing thank you for sharing that with me. It gives so much hope can’t wait to tell my husband. good Luck with you treatment.
liz x


Thank you Thank you Thank you

That is truly amazing!!!

I have a 6-month baby boy and I want to be around for a long time to come. This gives me such hope too!

Love Anne xx


What a lovely story to post and what hope you have given to us all I think. I am 39 with 2 children under 4, so to hear that she was dx at 36 with secondaries and small children and is still going strong now, is such an inspiration to me, to know that there is a chance.

Thank you and say Hello to her.


Hi all,
I am just reeling from the news that I received last night telling me that I now have secondaries in my lung and in lymph nodes around my neck. It was just lovely to read that positive story about the lady of 54 still living with mets after 18 years!
I was first diagnosed in Dec 2002 at 32, small primary recurrence last March and just when we’d hoped 2008 would be health-problem-free it comes back to haunt us! My husband is in bits and finding it very hard to accept but I’m just keeping it together at the moment as I intend to fight as much as I possibly can. I’m lucky to be symptom-free at the moment as it’s been picked up from a routine (but only one I’ve had) CT scan. I know I’ve now got to let go my hope of ever having a family. We were about to start trying just as I was first diagnosed and have tried unsuccessfully since. I try to think it’s for the best but it’s not easy.
I hope to start Taxol and Avastin in the next couple of weeks.

Take care everyone

Love AnneS

Hi Anne,
So sorry that you have had a secondaries dx, you’re so young. There are lots of ladies on here who have been around a long while with secondaries so we can all hope we can keep going as long too. Good luck with the taxol & avastin. Please feel you can have a post on this board, we will always try to help.
Take care

Thanks so much Allie,
It does help not to feel alone - although I wish none of us had to go through any of this!

take care,

Hi Anne (and others)

So sorry to hear of your secondaries dx but hopefully you will find lots of support from this forum - I certainly have. I have liver mets (discovered May/June last year) so am a relative newbie particularly when compared to Polly’s lady. Have never ever dared to hope for 18 years! Thank you so much for posting Polly.

I finished Taxol and Avastin in December - had 18 sessions, weekly for 3 weeks and then a week off (Avastin fortnightly). It wasn’t easy towards the end but did shrink my tumours well. Now on Megace (a hormonal treatment). I certainly found it easier, Anne, to cope once treatment started and was shown to be working, as did my hubby. And the first sessions were relatively ok - certainly easier than the FEC chemo I had after my primary dx.

Do ask if you have any questions - there are lots of very knowledgeable ladies here!

Kay xx

hi Anne
I feel so much for you and your husband, I was dx last October and now four and half months later my husband an I are in a much better place than we were then. I am new to this site but it has already made be feel better about the future.

Hope your treatment goes well,
Take care Liz x