New to site xx

Hiya, I’m new to this forum and wanted to introduce myself :). I’m 36 and have 5 children. I got diagnosed in May with breast cancer, they removed lump and 2 lymph nodes, then 3 weeks later I had a lymph node clearance. 3 out of 20 nodes had cancer cells. Bone scan came back clear and I have ct scan tuesday and start FEC-T on Wednesday. Just wanted to say hello :slight_smile: xx

Hi pookieharton

Like you i got my diagnosis in may, following biopsies, mri and ultrasounds. I have since then had mx and sn surgery, now waiting for chemo to start. 

Good news about your bone scan. All the very best for ct scan and then when chemo starts.

Jayni xx

Hi, Pookieharton 


Wanted to wish you luck with your scan tomorrow and your FEC-T on Wednesday.


I know it’s a scary time, but there are lots of lovely ladies on this site to help you through it.





hi pookieharton ive just come onto this site this morning im 38 years old and have a hubby and 2 children 6 and 10, i was diagnosed 2 days ago so dont know alot just yet i have to wait till next wed for Mri scan and then fri to get the results to see exactly where im at. they have told me there hoping for a lumpectomy and it will be a definate full node clearance of my left armpit and then 6 weeks after surgery the chemo starts. keep strong and positive we can all do this. xxx 

Hi pookieharton

Hoping that your first treatment has gone okay today. Been thinking of you.

Jayni x