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Hi! Things are moving fast for me and it all seems unreal ! I feel I am on a coaster ride! I was away abroad and had a mammogram , biopsy and results. When I returned I took these to my local doctor whi put me on fast track. After a month I had an MRI scan and they redid mamogram , biopsy and decided on a mestectomy and sentinel node biopsy, radiotherapy and delayed reconstruction. I have my op on the 19th as a day patient. My local doctor and hospital team are wonderful, but it all seems unreal and I cry when I think about it!i think I would do anything rather than loose my breast, they are small, but still! I love sun bathing topless and wearing no bra, suddenly everything will change and I am so scared. I am 51, with a great husband and kids who care. I phoned up the breast care nurse and asked if it was possible not to have it and she said no. Can anybody who has been through this recently, let me know what to expect! What I can and can’t do, sleeping, pain, drains etc. thanks! I am sure you have answered this all before, so sorry to repeat!

Hi Butt and welcome to the BCC forums where you will find lots of support and information

In addition, our helpliners can offer you further practical and emotional support so please feel free to call on 0808 800 6000, lines are open weekdays 9-5 and Saturdays 10-2

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Hi Butt. I had a bilateral mastectomy in July. I opted for immediate reconstruction. I don’t know whether that’s an option for you? It can’t be done in day surgery though. I was in hospital for a week. Even if you can’t do that reconstruction might be an option for the future? I am delighted with the result so far (it’s an ongoing process). Don’t worry about your breast just now. Try to concentrate on getting rid of the cancer and you can maybe think about reconstruction later. The surgeons are so skilled and you might find that you can do all the things you do now like sunbathing etc. I can’t really comment on pain, sleeping etc as the reconstruction meant my experience was different to yours but hope this has helped you relax a bit about losing your breast. Good luck xx

I was terrified too Butt, but it wasn’t as bad as I expected and yours will probably be easier because you’re not having reconstruction straight away. You’ll be fine. You’ll probably be surprised at how quickly you recover. I’m ok but have to have chemo as they found some cancer during my mastectomy (it was meant to be preventative because of BRCA1). Hope your op goes well. Let me know how you’re getting on.

I’m sure they are right. The op is the worst part and you’ll feel better when its over. Don’t let them forget about reconstruction. It’s important to you so has to be carried out if you’re going to recover mentally from all of this. Reconstruction was important to me and I’m so glad I did it. Sending hugs x

Hi Butt, good luck for tomorrow :heart:


Let everyone be strong for you and dont be scared to ask questions at the hospital they are there to help and support you.


Went for my chicken fillet yesterday so it looks like I have a lovely pair, it did feel abit strange and after wearing it for about an hour it was heaven taking my bra off.  One of my granddaughter was over and we couldnt stop laughing at her when she came into the kitchen wearing the bra chicken fillet still in (she is only 4).


If your anything like me you will be crying one minute and then laughing the next, just stay positive and be brave, my thoughts will be with you tomorrow x

Good luck Butt for your op on Friday. I know you’re frightened. I was too so I understand. It won’t be as bad as you expect and you’ll recover quickly. Then you can concentrate on getting better and fighting the cancer xxxx