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Hello everyone, My name is Kirsty, i am 33 years old and a single mum to my 3 year old son. A few years ago i found a few small hard lumps on my left breast, which turned out to be just cysts. Then last month i found another bigger lump on my right breast, i went to see my GP who referred me to my local breast clinic, i saw 2 doctors who both agreed that it was just fluid, as per the ultra scan i had done, also “confirmed” it to be fluid. however they did a biopsy just incase, and was informed several times that the lump is nothing to worry about. I was told i would get my results mid next week - however i got a call yesterday afternoon (on Friday 19/04/13) saying that i need to come see a nurse at the hospital. I knew then something was wrong. I drove myself there, for the nurse to tell me that i have breast cancer, she said herself, and the doctors were totally shocked as they were convinced nothing was wrong with me. I have to go for more tests and a mammogram on Monday, so they can figure out what course of treatment is best for me. I am playing every scenario over and over in my head. I have thought about my options and what i would like to happen, and also the worst. Its the waiting thats the hardest, to be told i have breast cancer, to then having to wait for a treatment plan. Im wondering, if i have an idea of what i want, will my doctor take that into consideration?! Hoping i manage to sleep tonight, had a restless one last night. Not really sure what else to say x

I’m so sorry Kirsty. All I can say is the ladies on here are amazing and it’s the right place to come for support. Hugs x

Thanks Rowchelly, still in a state of shock i think, been looking on internet all day to try and get answers, but nothings sinking in…im sure i will get some answers next week, but as i say its the waiting game thats the hardest xx

what a mess Hun! No wonder you are in shock from being told many times everything fine and then for a nurse to tell you otherwise!!i feel for you and I’m new to this site as only found my lumpy mass on thursday but I’m sure there’s a lot of support here…hope you get a plan sorted very soon
from Emma x

Hiya Kirsty,
I was like you and told they didnt think mine was anything and then they did the biopsy just in case. thank goodness they did as at least they found it!
I was 36 when diagnosed last year. I’ve had chemo, surgery, radiotherapy, Herceptin and hormone therapy.
Once you get the treatment plan etc it feels like you get a bit of control back. The waiting really is the worst!
I am a year on from diagnosis now - and it felt like a whirlwind - but you get there. There is light at the end of the tunnel i promise.

I also wanted to add - i belong to a facevook group that has really helped me. Its the younger womens breast cancer nextwork. If you go to the younger women section no the left you will see a link of how to find it in there.


hi kirsty
just to say hi - and try not to google, its outdated and can scare the pants off you. look up things on here or macmillan.
hope you get your treatment sorted soon, you’re at the worst point just now, wondering and waiting.
angie xx

Thanks girls, ur support and comments mean so much to me, at the worst time in my life, my family and friends have been great but as no one else has had breast cancer, i feel quite alone, no-one knows what to say! went for my mammogram today and they found some smaller lumps, which they did biopsy on… hopefully get results by wedsnesday and my ears will be burning on thursday when all the docs have a meeting to discuss my treatment plan, seem to be in limbo till then xx

Ohh Hun I feel for you and wish you all the best…love Emma x

Hi Kirsty

So sorry you find yourself in this position. You will find however, that once your treatment plan is in place you will begin to feel more in control and less scared. Waiting is the worst time for all of us, whether it is for tests, results, treatment etc. Sadly the waiting room is a place many of us find ourselves in quite often. But, this is the best place to come and have a rant, moan or just express your worst fears as all the ladies here have been where you are now and know how you are feeling. Hope you don’t have to wait too long for your results/treatment plan.

Sending big hugs and good wishes
Poemsgalore xxx

Thanks all. had a phone call today, i have a meeting with my doctor on Monday 29th April, to discuus results and surgery options… i know i sound selfish but i want answers yesterday lol i know it takes time, but ive never been the patient type lol xx

Hi Kirsty

As poemsgalore says (who believe it or not has been an insipiration for me in these forums) the waiting room is the worst place to be. I’m currently there waiting for my op however, I must admit that isn’t as bad a waiting for results.

Please do come here for a rant, moan, cry or just to pass the time. We are all here for each other :wink:

Big Hugs,
Martha xx

posted for new user Gurth - Jo, Facilitator

I’ve just been diagnosed with Breast cancer and have all this to look forward to. Havent even had my op yet but isnt it funny how we worry about the little things. All I’ve been thinking about is OMG I’m gonna look a freak with no eyelashes and brows! I’ve just started checking out head wear and theres loads of nice stuff so thats not so bad but was thinking I should buy myself some false eyelashes… Blinkies sound really good…Good luck with your treatment Nikki…

How are you Hun? Xx

Hi Kirsty

Just thought I’d drop by and see how you got on yesterday.

I hope all was ok and you now have your treatment plan is in place.

Take care
Martha xx

Gurth, if the worst comes to the worst, you will be surprised at how amazing you will look without eyebrows and eylashes. But there are ways to counteract that by learning how to redraw you eyebrows on. The main thing is, that you’re having the right kind of treatment to get rid of your breast cancer. I’m having chemo at the moment and have no hair on my head, up my nose, no eyebrows or lashes, in fact every scrap of hair imaginable has gone. But for every hair lost, another cancer cell is destroyed. I know it’s difficult, but try to think positively.
Sending all of you (((BIG HUGS))) and wishing you all good luck.

Poemsgalore xxxx

im ok at the moment, a plans in place so at least moving forward, ive got an sentinel node biopsynext week, then an mastectomy with ld flap reconstruction with an implant, then chemo for 18 weeks, then recon on my good boob. im ok with the mastectomy its the chemo im crapping myself about and the hair loss. yeah i know theres wigs and all that but i find my hair is my femine side to me lol. head up arse springs to mind x

Glad to see your treatment plan is in place… Take care Hun xx

Thanks hun, having a bad day today, think its hit me smack in the face today - found out its grade 3 cancer - to say the least it tripped me up lol. gutted x

Kirsty SOS to see you having a not so good day…your only human chick and its hell of lot to take in!! Once your positive journey starts and treatment in place you will then feel that your actually doing something to take hold of this…I’m thinking of you and send all my wishes to you!!! Hug for you Hun xx