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Hi Kirsty, just been reading your story, I like you have just had that slap in the face. I was told on 1st May that I have a grade 3 and my lymph nodes are effected too…
I hate the waiting game, and just to make matters worse I’ve had to wait until Monday 13th before I see the chemotheripist, would of been this monday, but it’s Bank Holiday…
I like you and many, many others just want to get on with it, but my nurse was very reassuring and went over everything over the phone. I was convinced that it would spread.
However, I have to stay focused, I too have have a little un…my 2yr old little girl…
Thinking of you x

thanks ladies, i know ive got to be strong esp for my little one - but sometimes its hard! and im sure everyone knows it is a rocky road we have ahead but we can and will all beat it. x

Kirsty- I was diagnosed last year, had chemo, rads and am now on Tamoxifen (grade 3 no spread). Its all of our worst fears, chemo, losing our hair etc and I really dont want to sound flippant here but the reality of my hair actually coming out wasnt as bad as the fear beforehand. I embraced baldness, I was determined that it wasnt going to be an issue when I had other stuff to deal with. I went everywhere bald and basically didnt care what people thought but equally I appreciate its not the same for everyone. Regarding the chemo I came through it. There were good and bad days but i always found support on this amazing forum. I really wish you well and please pm me if you want someone to talk to. You will do it, just take a step at a time.

Sue x

Hi Kirsty

I’m sorry to hear that it hasn’t been good news for you. I was told in April that I had a grade 3 also, as far as the ultra sound claims, there was no signs in the nodes however, I just received my WLE and SNB on Friday - I get the results on the 15th so I’ll find out then if it has started to spread to my nodes.

I’m doings great. The treatment for me that I’ve been told about was rads followed my tablets (I’m assuming Tamoxifen) however, my bcn has already told me to expect discussions around chemo once the results are back. So that I’m mentally prepared, I’ve been following some of the chemo threads, I’ve looked at wigs, hats and scarfs and I feel good about it. I love my hair and my fiance hates short hair lol, but even he isn’t bothered if I loose it. I’m more concerned about the SE’s of chemo but then there are ways around those too.

Keep coming to the forum as this is the best place to be.

Good luck,
Martha xx

Martha- hope I dont sound patronising but you have a great attitude. As far as your hair is concerned my hubby was funny about me going bald to begin with but now looking back he says he has nothing but admiration for me. He was just concerned as to what people might think. I see quite a few people out and about now bald and I feel like I want to rush up to them and give them a big hug but of course I cant. Not everyone would appreciate it!

Best wishes with your treatment. Chemo is doable and there are lots of tablets which help combat the side effects.
Sue x

Hi Sue - No you don’t sound patronising. As far as I’m concerned, this cancer is out of me and the rest (rads, chemo and tamoxifen) are all just to keep it away. Ok, I do have to wait for the results and yes, there could be a possibility of having another op, but that is all in the battle plan to get rid :wink:

I think going bald is probably the worst fear for any woman going throug chemo but again the way I see it is that for every hair that falls out, that another potential cancer cell destroyed.

I know what you mean about seeing bald people out and wanting to hug them - I’m similar but like you I refrain.

BC is a long, long battle and I have an amazing support network and I am willing to fight this and never give up. All the ladies on here are truly inspirational and keep be going also.

Take care
Martha xx

hey ladies, sorry not been on, had my snb and been staying at my mums all week, only just come home today, was liking being looked after a little bit too much i think lol. i know its all part of the journey and that we will be on the same path, and yes, im glad ive joined on here. I feel like some people just dont “get” me now, if that makes sense. so to be able to talk on here is great, its the unknown thats scary too, who knows how each f us will cope and deal with our treatment. But im so so crapping myself, re the hair loss, i know it sounds so fickle, but its how i feel, that im losing who i am as a women. i know it will grow back and theres wigs etc, im just being a sill idiot! lol. just got to think im here, and i can and we will beat this, and if that means losing my hair in the process then so be it. (im having a good day, prob be saying different tomorrow) lol x

Kirsty I was exactly the same about losing my hair. Mine has come back now, Im 15 months post diagnosis and I was looking at some photos of myself the other day when I was bald and I’m not just saying this to make you feel better but I thought I looked great. I used to wear more makeup, lots of bright colours and jewellery and always went to my chemo dolled up. I know it sounds a bit mad but it really helped. I didnt get on with wigs or scarves but that was me, we’re all different. I know you’ll be ok but it perfectly understandable to be feeling the way you are. Trust me you will look amazing.