New to the idea of forums and blogs

Hi I am new to the idea of forums etc and have found it difficult to join in. But i was diagnosed on Mon with early breast cancer through the screening program. Although i have lots of support from freinds and family i feel shattered how do you all manage to keep up your strength what about the nightime any ideas of how to get through the long nights and keep dignified and composed for the sake of Your famillY

Hi Poppy

Sorry to hear of your new diagnosis but you have come to the right place … the ladies on here are fabulous and have helped me through when I have been really low. I was diagnosed in December from just routine screening … my first thoughts were of disbelief and fear. I had my surgery last Thursday after having many other tests … eg MRI scan and radioactive injection, and I must say I do feel a little more optimistic this week. I did not think I would be able to cope with everything and I absolutely hate hospitals but I got through it and if I can anyone can! You will get lots of support on here and do let me know how you go on
Kind regards

Hi Poppy,
sorry to read of your diagnosis but welcome to the forum, and I hope you will find it a helpful place to visit - to lurk, to post, whatever works for you. As you may have spotted already, we are a mixed bunch, at various stages on various journeys, and on the whole we are great at supporting one another. You will find what works for you in terms of forum participation, so please don’t let that side of things worry you at all.

It’s hardly surprising you feel shattered at the moment, your poor mind will be in turmoil and you have not had time to process the news, let alone begin to work out how to respond to other people. A lot of poeple find the first week or two they hardly sleep, and I for one was prescribed sleeping pills for a week soon after my diagnosis. Ask your GP or breast doctor if you think this might help.

As far as family is concerned, I think you have to trust your instincts… some people cry a lot, some people rage a lot, many find they feel strangely numb or even calm, as if it is happening to someone else. Whilst I understand the desire to ‘keep it together’ you do need a safe enough space to ‘let it out’ in the right way for you.

It sounds crazy, but once you have a treatment plan and start the process, it will get easier, and you will regain some control. Whilst not easy for family or friends, they too will cope better once there is a clear sense of direction.

Be gentle with yourself and give yourself lots of little treats. Many of us find keeping occupied helps, at least in the waiting period (which is the worst bit). Stay away from google, there’s lots of out of date or plain wrong stuff out there… use the BCC, MacMillan or Cancer Research UK websites. Be careful which threads you look at on the forum - you could scare yourself witless. And on here there is no such thing as a silly question - if you want to ask it, then do.

This is a ridiculously long essay, I’m sorry. Just take a breath, and take one day at a time… and you’ll get there. Promise.

Hope you get some sleep tonight (try horlicks or a brandy depending on your preferences)


Thanks both of you I have wide exiscion and sentinel nodes on Wed.Unfortunateley my son was diagnosed with a brain tumor last August and had a 12 hour operation in October he now needs further surgery and I will need to go and stay with him inbetween surgery and Rads although he is married I feel that I must be there to support them both its like being on a merry go round from which I cant get off. Hope you are both managing your journey you are encouraging and that inspires me

Poppy x

Hi Poppy,

Don’t be scared of the forum, just dive in as much or as little as you want to.

I can say I have had nothing but support here when I need it, and it does help to talk to and ask questions of people who have already been through the stages I am passing through.

I was diagnosed in December, have had surgery and am now due for Radiotherapy in Feb. My diagnosis was also after my 1st mammogram when I reached 50. I think that makes it a shock as I certainly couldn’t feel the lump, nor could the doctors, so I had no idea anything was wrong.

I agree with the others try and take each day at a time, don’t spend too much time on google (ask here is you have questions), and it does definitely get easier once you know what treatment you will be having and start to go through it.


Thanks Lynda

You are so right about google what i read about the isotope injection has made me nervous normally I am not bothered about injections but there are some horror stories on some of the other sites. How many episodes of surgery have you undergone prior to rads

love poppy

Hi Poppy,

I was very apprehensive because I have never had anaesthetic or surgery before.

I had a WLE (lumpectomy) amd a Sentinal Node Biopsy. At my hospital they look at the biopsy while they are operating and because mine was positive they did a full node clearance as part of the same operation. I was only in as a day case, had surgery around 2.30, woke up feeling sightly dizzy (like being mildly drunk), which lasted about half an hour and was home again having eaten a sandwich by 8pm.

Don’t worry about the isoptoe injection. I found there was a slightly cold feeling as the dye went in, but it was no more than uncomfortable, not painful, and no worse than any other injection I have had.

it is worth remembering that often the people who have had complications will be the ones more likely to post as well, many who are fine don’t need to ask for support (but as you have seen they are around to offer help).


Hi Poppy
This is a brilliant community - yes we are all at different places but its all on the same planet - if you get my drift. Dont post if you dont want to - just lurk - or join in when you have a question - soon you will be giving reassurances too.
Hope all goes well with you and dont even bother to stay dignified.
Bisous to you and your son

Mary M

Hi everyone
thanks for your encouragement, Thanks Lynda for sharing your experience
You are very positive and i know I will get through somehow just feel the familly are already going through so much with my very brave son this is nothing compared to his op. Hope all goes well for you all will be brave and embrace the ideas of blogging. Anyway think I am gonna need your companionship in the coming months

Bless you all

Poppy x

Hi Poppy

I’m fairly new to this forum too - its so supportive and informative - its great!

I have had all that you are about to embark on and can honestly say it was not a problem - everyone’s experiences are different though but I’m sure you will be fine. The dye injection is OK too - just watch out for blue pee afterwards!

I had a mastectomy in November and now am about to start a chemo course in a couple of weeks - can’t deny I am nervous but have had lots of encouragement from the wonderful people here!

As RevCat says - one day at a time and any questions you have or want to hear of others’ experiences - just ask away!

All the best.


Hi poppy I to have Been recently diagnosed with bc, I’m
41 I’m
Waiting for results on wed fingers crossed all ok this forum is amazing and all the ladies on here are wonderfully love n hugs to poppy we are all here for each other xxxxx

Hi Purple good luck for Wed let me know how you get on I shall think of you Wed when I am awaiting my slot in theatre Lets just hope our journeys are okay

love poppy

Aww thanks poppy good luck to u to I will let u all know how I’ve got on, I’m not there till 4-30 as soon ad I get home I’ll pop on here inlet u know xxxxxx