New to this, just diagnosed last week

Thanks for adding comments. I am feeling a bit more tired this time as last time I had they only did 50% chemo due to raised liver enzymes, so probably got off a but easier last month. I still have some hair, did have it shaved though, looks like now no 3 now, but since. Chemo on Monday lots has been coming out.

i mentioned being hyper with steroids and was given three sleeping tablets last month, and given this time about still only got 5 hours sleep last night, but not so manic during day. See what like next time with double steroids.
My nails have also started to change colour at the bottom so I have had to start wearing nail varnish. My grand daughter thought the black polish was food and tried to nibble my nails!!!

going to get dressed and showered now as woke up at 5 so getting a wee but tired.

Have a good year and keep heads up - good advice about thinking of pain as cancer being killed

have now had third FEC and felt pretty naff afterwards think it was the chemo, steroids, and sleeping tablets.
The tip for veins is a good one, they take nearly an hour trying to find a vein bit I don’t like the idea of a pic line. But worried about that.
i have been having a weeks course of injections each time four days after chemo, but as I panicked a bit on first then the nurse (who lifes round the corner from me) has been really good and coMing in to give them to me. Bought her a xmax present. This has relieved some of the stress, although I have family at home they do not like needles and will not do it!!!
i have inflammatory breast cancer so no bumps in boob, redding and skin changes texture - I have been having some more paIn on other side of boob and feel that I have more reddening and hardness, but Onc says that it was on original drawing, but I a, worried it is spreading, has anybody had anything like this.
I haven’t had weight gain, just do not feel like food or preparing it and could go all day without eating, only notice when start to feel really low and ratty. Hopefully double steroids next time will it alter that, could do with a bit of a tan though - match the bright nails - become a real essex girl - no offence.
if anybody lives in beds/cambs/herts area it would be good to talk as I don’t know anybody personally who has gone through this or going through it.
i pad keeps changing what I type, so this is taking ages - good job I have nothing else planned today yet.
Keep positive.

Spurschick - just wanted to say something re PICC lines - I am on FEC2, have had PICC line from outset because my veins are pretty non-existent, and it’s been wonderful.
The insertion was completely painless, I too found the idea of having somethnig inside me weird, but now it’s in I am not even aware of it except when I get undressed, or have a shower. i bought an arm cover to wear in the shower, so can shower as normal, and the nurses tape it over completely between use with a waterproof dressing.
I honestly hardly aware it’s there, and it means having the chemo is so easy, becasue they just plug the tubein and away you go.
It takes so much stress out of having the chemo - I keep reading on here about people whose veins are getting in a terrible state, and having the chemo is painful, and I really don’t understand why more people don’t have PICC lines. They’re brilliant.
Also, I had to go to A & E this week with bad nausea problems, and they were able to give me IV anti-emetic drugs immedaitely through the PICC line.

End of PICC line commercial.

hi Cybele
Thanks for that, when I have asked at hospital. some nurses are for it and others have been reticent and advised to continue, also stating that there is a delay in putting in, which might mean it is not there for long so have been undecided, wish I had posted earlier.

Now have a CT scan on the same day as chemo so will be spending all that day at the hospital, joy of joys


Hi there, I wondered if I could join the Facebook group? Could you tell me the name as there seem to be some US ones on her and I really wanted to find a uk based one if possible? I’m feeling a bit lonely at he moment being just dx and waiting for the date with the Onc.