new to this site & to England - need advice

Hi, I am a 45 yr old South African who relocated to the UK about 18 months ago. My mum had bilateral mastectomies quite a few years ago & has been really healthy. Before I left SA I had my annual mammogram which revealed an enlarged lymph gland… The radiologist advised that I have a repeat mammogarm after 6 months, she gave me a copy of my mammogram on disc so that it could be used as a baseline here. Well, my GP tried to get me screened at the local breast clinic in my region but they refused me as they said I was not a high enough risk to warrant screening.

I eventually managed to find a breast doc privately who on examination could feel the lymph node. He ordered a mammogram, I am now waiting for the results - it takes a week bfore I get the results.

What happens if I need further investgations - will I have to pay privately? If I need treatment, would the NHS then admit me to a breast clinic. I am concerned about the financial implications of this whole venture.Please God that there is no malignancy!

I am so sorry that this is such a L-O-N-G post.


Hello - I am sorry you are going through all of this stress waiting for results. I am surprised that the enlarged lymph node plus your family history wasn’t enough to warrant further investigation at the breast clinic.
Anyway - as far as I am aware, if your mammo comes back as bad news then you should be able to go straight to your GP with the results and he should refer you to the NHS breast clinic. You won’t have to pay. In fact they should apologise to you for turning you away the first time.
Good luck - I hope that it turns out to be good news!

thanx msmolly for your advice and good wishes! I have had annual mammograms for years but I have felt really ubsettled anout this one, sort of a niggle that all is not well…

We can’t afford to ignore those niggles but I do hope you get good results and all is well for you
L x

Hi Beez
I am a SA too!!! Welcome (unfortunately)to this forum…And I know how you feel about financial implications. Mine is due to another reason though, but still, money issues are money issues!
my history:awaiting pathology results after WLE and x4 lymph node resection done on 30/3/10.
I can`t help you with information you need, but if you need a helping hand, I am here! Just like all the other wonderful BC friends on this forum.
I learnt quite a lot so far from everybody here, that this make the worries slightly less for me.
I am sure that you will find a solution and further advise. The CAB is very helpfull and maybe you can try your local CAB.
Please stay in contact .

Hi Beez,
Maybe this is helpful and will put your mind at rest;

Eligibility for Free NHS Treatment
Entitlement to free NHS treatment in the UK is based on the country of residence and not citizenship. The general rule is that all UK residents are entitled to free treatment. It is up to the hospital administering the treatment to ensure that the patient is eligible for free healthcare.
The test to be applied for eligibility is whether the individual seeking treatment is ordinarily resident in the UK – in other words that they are in the UK legally and are settled there. If the test is satisfied there is no minimum qualifying period of residence before an individual becomes eligible for free treatment.

Good luck with the results

thank you so much for the kind words of support. I am relieved that should I need any firther treatment,I should be able to call on the NHS. This is such a wonderful website,I am so pleased that I have been able to access all you great folk!!

Will let send a post when I know what my results are

In the meantime have a good day!xxxxx Beez