New Travel Insurance Scheme - especially for BC Sufferers

I was just listening to Jeremy Vine on Radio 2 earlier. He was speaking to a woman who had bc in 2005 and has now introduced a travel insurance product especially aimed at us. It is called Insure Pink.

I know nothing more about it apart from just looking at the website. It seems like it is underwritten by Hastings Direct. They give £1 from each sale to BC charities.

At least someone is considering us. I would be interested to hear anyone’s experience with them

Sharon x

This sounds brilliant, as long as its not too pricey. I’ll have a look on Radio 2 website.


I googled “insure pink”

Sharon x

hmmmm i think i broke the gizmo because it tells me there are no covers to be found :-S

Its got quite a good spread in the Sun newspaper today, middle section Cashflow page 3.

Insure pink “which will end skyhigh premiums for travellers with the disease”

it doesn’t mention if it covers secondaries.


Yeah, I saw that too.

I have now cut it out of The Sun as I’m sure it will come in handy in a bit when we’re off on a well deserved holiday!

Well worth a read all,


I went onto the website, it looks good, did a quote for me and OH and it came back at £33 for a week…

happy holidaying at last by the looks of it…

Pam XX

Sharon !

How did your op go ? Have been thinking about you as I know we both went in the same day - how are you ??

Julie xx

P.S Yes, I saw the insurepink. thing in the Sun today - like Kelly, I’ve cut it out too as I will be needing it next year !!

Hi Julie

I am black blue and battered but in one piece. I came home on Sunday - I had a blood transfusion and then a reaction to the transfusion but I’m doing okay but tired. Hope you are doing well too. I was thinking of you too.

Sharon x

Hi Sharon

Thanks so much for posting about this. Looks brilliant. I am so looking forward to being able to travel again eventually, but had worried a lot about insurance. This looks great. Saved the website as a favourite!

Have a good evening and hope your bruises fade!



Hi Sharon
I’ve just got back from chemo and been told I have to have a blood tranfusion - can you tell me a little more about it do you just go in and have it and come home after? Hope you are feeling better now.


Hi RebzAmy

I had my transfusion the day after my WLE because my blood count dropped and I kept passing out. So I was in hospital. I didn’t need to have a transfusion when I was on chemo.

From what I gathered, each unit of blood has to be transfused over 3 to 4 h hours (I had 2 units and it took over 6 hours in total). They have to check your b/pressure etc immediately before they start each unit, 5 mins after, 15 mins after, 30 mins after and then every 30 mins. You can react to one unit and not the other so they have to do it for each unit.

It didn’t hurt, it was like having an IV.

Good luck with the treatment you need

Sharon x

I was looking for travel insurance for a friend and came across cancer travel insurance who are offering 20% dicscount during breast Cancer Awareness Month. See:

Thanks Sharon
Good to know a little bit more about what to expect - dunno when they plan to do it but my blood count started at 13 and is now 9 and I’m feeling rather dizzy and weak and was really surprised to hear that was the plan for me. Anyway this is the day after my 5th lot of taxotere only one to go and feeling exhausted. Can’t wait until it’s over.
thanks again for the info and best of luck to you.


Thanks alot for this info, since Dx i havent ventured abroad just terrified to do so, but i know if i am insured i will eventually go to some exotic place.

I went on this site, got a basic quote (no med questions asked) then couldn’t get any further, prob with the site maybe?

Has anyone had similar probs? Do I need to speak to someone, as not open on a sunday when I rang?

Is it worth me getting cover for OH from somewhere else and just cover for me from here?

Going to Prague for our 30th wedding aniversary in March. Can’t wait. Been before at this time of yr and it snowed and was cold but beautiful. Found fab appartments with breakfast inc, much cheaper than hotels and right nr fab historical sites!


Hi Ladies

I gave InsurePink a ring on friday and got a quote for a 10 day holiday to Italy for next June.
They asked all the medical questions first.

Bearing in mind that I had bi lateral pulmenary embolisms on my lungs during chemo and am still
on warfarin, my quote was for a family too and only worked out at…£44 for us all!!!

I was amazed…they don’t need a note from my doc for me to fly and I would have full cancellation cover.

Worth giving them a try for sure.

Take care all



That’s brilliant news - as much as I was looking forward to our holiday next year, I was dreading how much the insurance would be !

Have a fab holiday next year !!

Love Julie xx

Just to let people know, I called Insure Pink to see if I could get a quote and how much. They require at least a month between finishing chemo or radiotherapy before they will cover you. No good for me as I want to be away 2 weeks after ending radio. Darn.

I just called Aberdeen and they will cover me for an annual policy for £55 with a £500 excess for anything bc related. They will do that knowing my radiotherapy is stil to happen but will be finished before I travel

Sharon x

Sharon -have you got the number for Aberdeen
I am booked to go away two weeks after rads finishes with oncologists approval so am looking for travel insurance