I have been invited to go on a trial with a new drug called Pertuzumab which is given along side Herceptin. I won’t know if I get the drug or a placebo. I’m a little tempted as they monitor you more closely.
Has anyone else been invited on this trial? I will still have 18 cycles of Herceptin.

Thanks Anne xx

Hi, I have been offered a trial of Denosumab alongside my other treatment (FEC x 6 to start in January followed by hormone therapy). It is already licensed for the treatment of osteoporosis but the study is to investigate its effectiveness in preventing spread to the bones. I decided to go ahead with participation in the trial for the reasons given by Anne. I also feel that the breast cancer treatments are as effective as they are because of women in the past undergoing trials and its my opportunity to give something back. Clare xx

I was invited to join the Pertuzumab trial, but in order to do so I would have had to have changed the treatment plan prescribed by my surgeon as his team recommended neoadjuvant chemo then Mx. The change would have meant my chemo was delayed by maybe 4 months - too big a risk we thought.

I would have been happy to have taken part (who wouldn’t), but quite frankly the delay scared me,

hi all

iam on a trial drug called celecoxib or placebo. its not a new drug and has been going since 1999 in united states its says to reduce inflammation pain and stiffness of osteoarthritis of which i have had since 2003 and i can tell u since starting them on 17th dec i feel my stiffness has gone , but might be takeing the placebo, it also says that they have found that the chemical of this inflammation may provide an environment which stimulates the return and progression of cancer , therefore its to find out if celecoxib can be used after BC. I wonder since its been going since 1999 they should know by now. any way said i would take them cuz other people have done trials on the drugs we have been given to help treat BC. also my way of saying thanks to all at breast clinic for all their help over the past 14 months.iam not on herceptin, just saw drug trial subject and pass this info on, hope u dont mind. yvonne xx

Hi All,

I, like Yvonne, will be going on the REACT celecoxib or placebo trial in the next few weeks. I’m not on herceptin though.

The thought that the medics keep their on you for a little longer and if it helps someone else, it will be worth it.


Is this the TDM1 Marianne drugs trial? If so im on this :slight_smile:

Janine77, my trial is called Aphinity.
Anne x

Hi. I am going to join a trial study Pherexa which is pertuzumab with capecitabine and herceptin or just capecitabine and herceptin. Are you taking oral chemo as well. I have posted to see if anyone else was on this trial but no success so I was so pleased to find your post. I am hoping that I get pertuzumab but like you wont know until I start. Hope we are lucky. pauline x