New triple negative research unit

This Breakthorugh Breast Cancer initiative was launched yesterday at Guy’s hopsital…there’s a new £4 million research unit led by Andrew Tutt which will research triple negative bc…opened by Naomi Campbell… Sammyha was interviewed at the launch.

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Thanks for posting this link

There is also more info on breakthrough breast cancer’s web site

The research is going to be, (as I understand it) looking into what drives triple negative (basal type) bc

This will hopefully give rise to more treatments for triple negative cancers- but may well add to the treatmnets available for lots of other women- just as there are a lot women with different combinations at the moment of the hormone, her2 and projestron test

Had a very interesting chat to the chap who is researching her1. 3and 4 and the protien transfers between thease and the tumour cells- they have an amazing machine that allows them to actually see this happening

aplogies if I’ve got this wrong- my poor wee brain almost exploded yesterday!

Sam xx

I hope they are looking at non basal type triple negative too, which is likely the kind I have (it being more ‘indolent’ than some.)