Hi everybody im having my op in the morning im a little scared now but I really dont know why.when I come home will the nurse come out to me or will they leave me alone lol.

Hi Cazbo04 - welcome to this site, it’s been wonderful for me since my diagnosis last December throughout treatment. Of course you will be nervous about an op, most people are. What surgery are you having - if you are happy to share then others will be along to share their experience of that particular surgery. I had a mastectomy and node clearance. I didn’t have a nurse visit me at home after my op, but some hospitals/GP surgeries do arrange that. Do you have a Breast Care Nurse you can call to ask any questions? I’m sending you hugs and strength for tomorrow. Evie x



Hello and welcome to the forum, although it is probably one place you will not want to be.


What surgery are you having tomorrow.  I had a lumpetomy and snb, my bcn was on the ward on the day of the op, but after that I did not see her until my results.  When I was to have my dressings changed an appointment had been made at my GP practice for 10 days after, she did however say that if I was worried or needed to speak to her, I only had to call her.  I have done it a couple of times over the past year and she has always come back to me immediately or I have spoken to her there and then.


Helena xx