newbie! Anyone else had hormones BEFORE surgery

hi all. Firstly, I must say how it helps to read these posts and realise I am not the only one going through all this! I was recently diagnosed with lobular cancer of my right breast. The tumour is classed as medium sized and ultrasound and MRI have shown no likely spread to my lymph nodes. I am 48.

I have been offered full or partial mastectomy or hormone treatment to shrink the tumour then (hopefully) a lumpectomy. This hormone route sounds tempting to me if it saves major surgery, but I can’t find out too much about it. I am seeing an oncologist next Friday when I know I will find out more, but I am impatient! Has anyone else on here followed this route? If so, how did it go? Did the tumour shrink?

Thanks for reading, and good luck everyone with beating this thing.

Hi Caffy and welcome to the BCC forums

You may find it helps to post again in the ‘Going through treatments’ area as users with similar issues may be hanging around those threads

Please do feel free to call our helpliners too if you feel it would help to talk things through with one of our team, lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Saturdays on 0808 800 6000

Take care
Lucy BCC