Newbie - Had WLE and 2 lymph node ops - feeling positive

Hi eveyone

First time posting, diagnosed in June, first op July 17th WLE and sentinel node biopsy, tumour removed with clear margins, lymph op failed, no lymphs!! Second op yesterday, feeling sore, but 4 nodes removed, results in 2 weeks.

Have to say was really worried when first diagnosed but treatment is so much improved that i feel really positive about the future, and looking forward to getting back to some normality.

Treatment plan to be decided, probably just radiotherapy if lymphs clear plus hormone therapy cos ER positive.

Good Luck everyone and stay positive!

Hi Jeanie


I was diagnosed in July and had an MX a week ago along with SNB, i get my results next week to see what the next step is. I don’t really feel that bad but i know as next Thursday comes closer i will start to imagine all sorts of things.


Sally x

Hi ladies.
l too had a wle plus sentinel nodes removed about a month ago now. Results came back as good, tumors both gone and they removed about 13 lymph nodes.

still getting really bad pulling pains in my arm and chest, its been so sore , and hard doing the exercises.
need to get my arm mobility better for radiotherapy soon.