Newbie & looking for advice :)

Hi my name is Sharon. I’m 22 and I found a pea size lump in my left breast this morning. There is a history of breast cancer in my family (my nan and my gran both had it) I’m booked into the doctors on Monday morning, I was just wondering what people’s thoughts were. Should I be worried? Am I at risk of this lump actually being cancerous? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, I’m kind of going out of my mind! :frowning:

The best thing you can do is try not to worry…I know it isn’t easy!

You’ve done the best thing by getting a doctor’s appointment. You’re very young for it to be breast cancer but, with your family history, I’d be asking to be referred to the breast clinic…at least it will put your mind at rest if it isn’t anything.

Hugs xxx

Thankyou, I’ve been trying to keep myself busy to distract myself from thinking about it. I will try not to worry, thankyou again hun xx

Easy advice to give but hard to follow: whatever it is, you’ve done the right thing by arranging to have it checked and worrying - or even giving it a single thought! - won’t change the outcome of that check up in any way whatsoever, so try to keep your mind occupied on other things. I wish I could do that myself sometimes!! :slight_smile:

Be reassured that 9 out of 10 lumps, especially on younger women, turn out to benign conditions and nothing to worry about. Make sure you mention to doc your family history and push for a referral to breast clinic if you are still worried.

Good luck. It’s a scary time but you have come to a good place for support. Don’t research your symptoms on the internet - you will see all sorts of out-of-date, inaccurate or just plain wrong information that will scare you half to death!! xx

Just wanted to wish you luck for today’s appointment xx keep us posted x

Thankyou all very much. I have been referred upto the hospital but just because I have a history of BC in my family. The doctor was really helpful & didn’t seem too worried. He explained all the signs I should be looking out for & advised to keep an eye on things to see if anything changes. It has put my mind at rest but I will be happy to have that further reassurance from the hospital. Thank you all for you advice & support :slight_smile: xxxx

Pleased to hear that your doctor was helpful and reassuring :slight_smile:
Given your family history it’s best to get it checked out at the hospital xx

Had a phone call today with an appointment for Wednesday next week at the hospital. I’m thankful that I havn’t got to wait too long to have a second opinion. I just thought I would let you lovely ladies know & thankyou again for your advice & kind words :slight_smile: xx

I’ve checked the lump today and had a good feel around it as the doctor advised and the breast tissue seems a little thicker. Should I be concerned? Xx

Just wanted to wish you luck for your appointment. About the tissue feeling thicker. I found a lump, and between finding it and being diagnosed, I kept feeling it and it felt bigger every day. It wasn’t, my imagination was doing that. After surgery, it turned out to be only 3cm. Not tiny, but not huge either. Sending big hugs.

Poemsgalore xx

Thankyou very much. I’ve been taking the doctors advice and not feeling every day like I was when I first found it & today it just feels a little different but you’re probably right, it will just be my imagination making me think everythings worse than it is. Thankyou again xxx

Hi Sharonw, I am in the same boat, waiting for my urgent referral too. I really hope we both receive good news! I have 3 kids 9,7,3 and am worried sick!! Good luck x