newbie near chepstow

turn 38  have breast cancer been told it has been there about two years . i am recentley widowed as well. go in on the 17th for opp. just had  chest xray done really worried it has gone to lungs as have been very short of breath… anyone around my neck of woods,?

also would they call if it had gone to lungs or would they wait till they see me in two weeks?

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Hello, sorry you’ve found yourself here but you’ll get lots of support and advice from all the lovely ladies. All hospitals seem to have different ways of doing things but if you’re worried out of your mind as I was when I was waiting for all my results then ring and ask, that’s what I did and saved myself extra agonising days of not knowing what I was dealing with.


You may find it helpful to join one of the monthly threads when you start treatment, its good to compare notes and know you’re not alone!


Take care.


Hazel xx