newbie post - HER2-positive, chemo, herceptin and rads

I have posted this on behalf of new user Jo


I had my lumpectomy on 19 oct, 30mm and aggressive (3). Had my final results on tues 15 nov and nodes were clear but im HER2+ so now been told im having chemo ( im so scared), herceptin and rads.
Has anyone got any advice or anything to say that might help me at all? Im awaiting an appointment to come thru to see onc.
I keep having moments where i just suddenly well up with tears and cant seem to control it. so many questions and worries, its all about the unknown and something im not in control of :frowning:

thankyou ladies xxx

Hi, I am in the same boat as you treatment wise and i can remember fully all the emotions i had to deal with, I am going for my 2nd fec next week, although not looking forward to it i know i can do it and i am such a baby when it comes to medical treatment but i got through it and so will you!.
please feel free to message me if you want, although i am very new to this myself i might be able to help in some way.

Best wishes


Hi Jo,

Sorry to hear that you’ve joined us.

I too had a WLE & SNB 27mm no nodes, her2 -'ve but grade 3 - I’m half way through chemo.

It’s easy to say don’t be scared but we can’t help the way we feel can we?

From my experience FEC is like having the worst hangover ever, without any fun that goes before it! It is doable not pleasant but doable! One thing I was told to do was suck on ice lollies/pops whilst having the chemo it prevented me loosing my taste buds and bad mouth ulcers.

I would recommend that you join the November chemo thread or start one for Dec (I’ve not seen one yet!) - you get support from others going through the same stages as you, you get to compare side effects etc - the September girls have really, really helped me!

Remember with BC there is never a stupid question so don’t be frightened to ask anything, we’re here to support you!

Big hugs


I have posted this on behalf of new user Jo

Thankyou both so much for replying. i just wish i could fast forward my life about 2 years - til its all over and im ok.

Ill be relieved when i know what im having and when im having it! i just hate waiting,

Does anyone know when i can wear my underwired bras again? im getting really fed up wearing non wired unattractive ones lol :slight_smile:

Hi Jo

I am just about identical to you. Lumpectomy on 3/11 and having marginal clearance on 1/12. Results were 30mm, nodes clear, her2+ and oestrogen receptive. I had my oncology appointment on Wednesday and need FEC6, radiotherapy, herceptin and tamoxifen. The breast care specialist was brilliant explaining everything to me (even writing everything down for me as I find I forget everything as soon as I walk out the door)

I feel so much better knowing my plan for treatment and am just taking each day as it comes instead of letting my imagination run wild.

Take care and big hugs, please feel free to private message me if you feel the need to vent

Love Debbie xxx

Hi Sam,

I have recently completed chemo and rads and continuing Herceptin until April 2012. I had a lumpectomy in Feb this year to remove a 12mm grade 3 lump so if you have any questions or would just like to chat please feel free to email me.

Take care

Sorry last comment was meant for Jo not Sam who kindly posted the message. Sorry chemo brain strikes again…

posted on behalf of Jo

hello ladies

Thankyou for your replies- i feel less alone on this now!

Im new to all this and not sure what all the abbreviations mean thou…some i figure out others im clueless on

does anyone know if i can wear an underwired bra 5/6 weeks after surgery?

Hi Jo,
I was diagnosed with HER2 in July, had lumpectomy, am on 5th CHEMO then rads and Herceptin.
I think the waiting is worse than when you start the treatment rollercoaster. I won’t pretend it is easy or that the SE’s are nice but taking it a day at a time and listening to your body helps. Most of all ask anything from the fantastic women on this site no question is too silly or left unanswered. We are all in this boat together although on different courses .
With regard to the bra I bought an non wired one for the first few weeks and then went back to my usual one. Just keep trying you will know what is comfy.
Cyber hug on it’s way


thanks - i wasnt sure if i was “allowed” to wear my under wired bras yet x