Hello folks, Im new to this. I just found out on Thursday of last week that I have a cancerous lump which is to be removed in the next 2 weeks followed by 5 -6 weeks of radiotherapy. Still trying to get my head around this. Any advice greatly appreciated.

Kelly, I’ve got to dash out but didn’t want your post to get missed. Others will be along and will give you some suggestions. The first one from me is to keep posting on here when you need to, you’ll get loads of support from us all.


Hi Kelly,

Welcome to the BCC discussion forums, I’m sure as Chocciemuffin has said, there’ll be others along shortly offering support. In the mean time I have put for you below links to some of BCC’s publications you may find helpful. As well as publications there’s the freefone helpline here where you can talk in confidence, nothing is too trivial, give them a ring if you need some added support. Calls are free, 0808 800 6000.

Resource pack:*/changeTemplate/PublicationDisplay/publicationId/82/

Treating Breast Cancer:*/changeTemplate/PublicationDisplay/publicationId/88/

Your operation and recovery:*/changeTemplate/PublicationDisplay/publicationId/100/

Hope these help. Take care,
Jo, Facilitator

hi kelly . so your reelng in shock at the moment ? wipes the floor with you when your told u have bc … well firstly try not to get in to panic mode, dont worry too much about the surgery, easy for me to say now ive been there… i went in to panic mode…my surgery went very well and my lymph glands were clear, i has a sentinal node biopsy at the same time as the WLE , i had further surgery as one of the margines was a little close, then i had 17 rads, spread over 4 weeks, its a bit nerve racking, but all turned out ok for me , best advice i can give you is, find out a cupple of old bras 2 wear after surgery, old ones are more comfy than new ones, get some johnsons baby soap or baby wash, and some aquarius cream ( not sure of the spelling ) use the johnsons products after surgery and during rads, keep the aquious in the fridge its lovely and cooling during the rads and after, take big deep breaths, cry when you feel like crying take things one day at a time , and dont google…you will scare yourself… think possitive… i know its hard at the moment but you now know the problem and the medical team will do their very best to solve it for you… hope this helps xxx angie

hi kelly , just wanted to echo what the girls have said before me , i was diagnosed may 13th , had my wle and snb , all clear thank god , 17 rads to go now , start july 14th , so between diagnosis and then has taken just over 2 months , its the waiting thats the hard part , initially for grading , then surgery , then treatment plan , you will get there , cry if u want to cry - ive had my fair share of wobblys i can tell you , write down anything you want to ask at clinic , it`s so easy to forget when you are nervous , take each day as it comes and remember that treatments are advancing all the time , good days will surely come xxxx

Hi Kelly sorry you have to join us but welcome. Its all still raw at the moment. Just take one day at a time & try not to think too far ahead. keep a pad & pen handy to write down any questions as they arise for the meetings with your team. When you feel its all getting to much always come here to let off steam, rant, cry always a shoulder to lean on & a listening ear. As you get your treatments started you’ll feel a bit better. You can always call up the helpline here they are great too.

take good care
Mekala x

Hi Kelly, sorry u’ve had to join the site,hope ur doing ok. I’m ahead of u by about a week i think. I was diagnosed with invasive ductal cancer 2 weeks ago & i have my op next monday the 11th. Then radiotherapy after that. It was so surreal at first, still is a bit but i am getting used to the fact now. Im just trying to focus on one step at a time to help get me through. The ladies here give fantastic advice so keep reading the posts, they know things i wouldn’t even think of. Keep us updated, take care xx

Hi Hjv thats my birthday when you have your surgery & my last rads treatment, your doing right taking it one day at time & hopefully you’ll feel much better once the surgery is done I did I started to relax alot more, I will be thinking of you hope all goes well
Take care & keep posting
Mekala x

Thanks Guys for your words of support. It is a surreall feeling. I feel as though everyone looking at me knows “Im the one”. Does anyone else feel like that, even if Im in a supermarket where people dont know me, its as if they can tell???

hi kelly how are you doing ? i think the surreal feeling comes with diagnosis , its a lot to take in at first, but you will get there , be kind to yourself in the sometimes tough times to come , the support here is massive and one of the best things i have done x

hi kellym,

yes i felt totally odd from being told i had to go to breast clinic until the operation.But in a differnt way to you. As if i was in a bubble, or watching myself on a film. I floated around as if I was on one planet and everyone else was on earth.

Hi Kelly,it’s funny, i felt exactly like that in the supermarket when i went for the first time after being diagnosed. I was walking around thinking ‘i’ve got cancer’ is everyone looking at me, very strange feeling! I felt it was very surreal, even thinking to myself, did the doc really tell me i have cancer or did i hear him wrong. And then i was bumping into people i knew vaguely, not friends & they’d say hello, how are u. “I’m fine thanks”, i’d answer. But thinking inside, no im not damn well fine at all. But you do get ur head around it,it just takes time.

Hi Mekala, hope u have a happy birthday on monday,great that its ur last rads :)thanks for ur kind words.
Love Heather xx

Its good to know Im not alone in feeling as though everyone knows. Its so strange saying “Im fine” to people who dont know, when sometimes you want to scream it from the rooftops and then go and hide in a corner and cry. I phoned the Breast Care Nurse today and she told me that after the operation there is approx 10 day waiting period to find out what grade cancer is etc. That is going to be the longest 10 days of my life so far. I am avoiding going on to google anything,going to keep in touch with you guys as you know how it really feels. I am 100% positive I am going to beat this then 1hr later Im feeling doomed, its like a rollercoaster. My consultant said it was a small lump and she didnt think it had spread to my lymph glands, so here’s hoping, although she did say until the surgery and results are done, there are no guarantees.

Kelly,ur definately not alone in how ur feeling,everyone on here understands. My op is on monday & i’m a bit nervous about having it but it’s the waiting for the results that im terrified about. That 10 days is going to feel like a lifetime. I presume they have a pretty good idea about ur lump by the scans etc but they can’t obviously guarantee anything until the path comes through. It is a rollercoaster ride but u’ll have all our support on here. We’re all here to listen when u have a bad day,take care love Heather xx

Hello from me too
I’m 7 months down the line but have not forgot for a moment how it feels at the point you are at. Its not like how you imagine - not that any of us ever imagine that we’d be here. But I get the bubble thing, all a bit surreal, and almost like watching yourself from above. I just hope you get good results, cos this is something that has very positive outcomes for lots of people.


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